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Cosmetics are always one of the hot-selling products, and beautiful cosmetic packaging is a fundamental requirement to become successful in the vast market. Our custom cosmetic boxes offer your brands a distinct personality and capture the interest of your consumers effectively.

Our custom packaging solutions help top cosmetic companies to promote their beauty and skincare lineup effectively. The simplicity of the manufacturer’s printed cosmetic packaging, using eye-catching colors and appealing designs, gives a special stand-alone effect.

Diverse Custom Cosmetic Packaging for Easy Recognition

We are one of the custom cosmetic packaging manufacturers who bring all the box-making choices at your disposal to help you get the best packaging that covers all your needs. Impressionville has exceptional customization for your Makeup Boxes. You can have your desired shapes, styles, and shades for makeup, cosmetics, and skincare items.

Also, you get different templates for printing your brand logo, name, and taglines. We are mindful of the strength of the material and the ink’s consistency for printing packing boxes, so we make sure to use only high-quality stocks and the finest inks.

In addition, you can choose the materials, dimensions, printing, finishing, and many other personalized options for your cosmetic packaging.

Choose Cosmetic & Beauty Packaging for Branding

Custom packaging gets you the freedom of choice of materials, type of boxes, printing, finishing, and any other customization. Such customizations can make your packaging the way you want it to be.

The best thing about custom packaging is that you can get the proper branding of your products as you can have your logo, brand name, tagline, and other things of your choice on the cosmetic boxes. Such custom printed cosmetic boxes get your brand a lot of attention and your product a lot of success.

Custom Cosmetic Packaging – A Requirement in the Cosmetics Market

Cosmetic products never go out of fashion, and appearance is important along with durability. Our custom cosmetic boxes keep your beauty items safe from several tampering elements.

Given the widespread use of cosmetics and their close affiliation to fashion, our custom cosmetic packaging makes the products look more impressive.

Following are the choices you get when you are having your cosmetic box packaging customized:

Stock Styles:

The choice of materials is crucial for your packaging. A material that is durable yet customizable according to the design of your choice should be selected.

Our company offers:

  • Cardstock
  • Rigid
  • Kraft
  • Cardboard, and many more.

Size and Dimensions:

We customize the size, shape, and dimensions of your cosmetic packaging according to your product requirements.

Laudable High-Tech Printing Styles

Our Customized Boxes uses high-quality offset printing to provide a stunning view of your boxes. It illustrates your brand story and makes it alluring enough to leave a mark on your customers’ minds. In addition to printing, these custom printed cosmetic boxes are crafted with special finishing effects.

We offer both PMS and CMYK printing options to make your packaging more presentable. CMYK is the preferred method for processed 4 color printing, whereas PMS is used for spot colors.

We have a dedicated design department that assists you in choosing the artwork for your boxes. Moreover, we recommend you to have the 3D mockup design first and spot any kind of inaccuracy before ordering the boxes in bulk. In this way, you will be able to get your order with sheer precision.

Our company provides many finishing options, including gloss finish, matte lamination, embossing, debossing, spot UV, soft-touch, raised ink, holographic, and many other options to enhance your boxes’ appearance.

The use of engraving, decoration, foil stamping, and spot UV is sufficient to improve your packaging’s charm. If you’re thinking of introducing a cosmetics line, use your imagination to design fascinating cosmetic makeup boxes.

Custom Cosmetic Boxes for All Your Cosmetic Needs

Custom Cosmetics Boxes improve the beauty of a wide range of wholesale cosmetic items. You can also create a theme for your products and have it printed vividly on the boxes. Our professional packaging designers make sure to keep in line with your requirements of design and craft your boxes accordingly.

We have a wide range of cosmetic boxes to meet your products’ requirements, including cream boxes, foundation boxes, eye-shadow boxes, eye-liner, hair extension boxes, hairspray, lip balm, lotion, lipstick, mascara, nail polish, perfume boxes, and more.

If you like a minimal look or a premium feel for wholesale cosmetic boxes, we will make that happen to you. We concentrate on the fundamentals of your products when designing beauty product packaging.

Promote Your Beauty Brand with Us

Cardboard cosmetics boxes are a new trend that has been catching the industry day after day. We are a company well known for its custom packaging services.

We are the packaging business of most of the corporation’s trust. They have entrusted their support, and we have repaid them with significant discounts, rewards, and several other benefits. Customer loyalty is our highest priority, and we know what it takes to attract our clients.

We’ve already given our services to hundreds of our customers, and we’ve been doing this for years now, as well as being experienced experts in this area. Only give us your idea of what kind of packaging you’re looking for, and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

Custom Cosmetic Boxes Wholesale by Impressionville

Impressionville is a one-stop station for all your cosmetic box wholesale requirements as we provide the best-in-class packaging materials and top-quality printing and customizations. The goal is always to give you the best.

We offer cosmetic packaging boxes wholesale at affordable prices and delivers them throughout the United States, Australia, Canada, and UK in the given timeframe. You receive nothing but satisfaction by ordering with us.

Reach out to us via email, live chat, and phone call to place your order and share your queries and concerns.

Printing Options

We offer the following printing methods:

  • CMYK
  • PMS

Finishing Options

Impressionville offers the following wide range of finishing options:

  • Gloss
  • Matte
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Foiling
  • Soft-touch finish
  • Spot UV
  • Metallic Foiling
  • Holographic

Cream Boxes suitable for various creams

Creams have a massive share in the cosmetic industry. There are a lot of different types of creams in the market including cold creams, acne removing creams, BB creams, and many other types. For this range of creams, suitable cream boxes are important to get your product customer engagement and the protection from damage.

Creams are usually packed in primary packaging of glass and plastic jars, which get damaged easily. So, the durability factor of cream boxes come into play to keep your creams safe. Therefore, durable materials are used in making cream packaging.

Durability is one thing, but the presentation is also very important. You would not want a bland-looking packaging that does not raise customer curiosity. It is always good to have cream boxes that make your product interesting and eyecatching.

The best packaging is the one that has both the durability and the presentation. Once you get both of these factors taken care of in a packaging, your creams will have the boost. Durable packaging is also good from the handling point of view, which is a plus in retail.

In order to get all-rounder packaging, it is better to have a cream packaging customized with all your requirements in place. As you get a lot of options for materials, type of boxes, dimensions, printing, finishing, and any other customization like see-through windows.

Custom Cream Packaging for your brand

The customization of packaging has a major role to play for the proper branding of a product. The reason being a signature packaging that conveys the idea of the campaign of that particular product.

When you have all the box making options at your disposal for your cream packaging, you can get amazing packaging. A custom cream packaging will do the exact thing for you.

You can have your logo, brand name, taglines, the color scheme that matches the campaign, etc. on the cream packaging. Such details are important for the packaging of any brand. Therefore, it is a wise choice to have packaging customized for you.

When your company has several cosmetic creams, a different packaging with a proper product description is necessary. But when you have custom cream boxes, you can get different product descriptions for different products. So, in this case, custom packaging is a basic need.

Cream Packaging from Impressionville

Our company, Impressionville, has a vast experience of designing cream boxes for many names in the cosmetics market. This experience helps us to excel in our services and provide the customers with nothing but the best.

We offer many material options like Card stock, Kraft, and Corrugated. As for the dimensions, we offer custom dimensions and shapes. PMS and CMYK printing options are available, along with a lot of finishing options. So, we are providing all the tools you need.

We have done it for others; we can do it for you too. The perks of getting your cream boxes from us are the wide range of options we offer and the quality of service. Every aspect of your packaging has to be perfect before it reaches you.

For any queries about our services, contact our support team through given channels. We welcome any design-related discussions from your end to make them into reality from our end.

Frequently Asked Question

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We provide free design support to assist you in the whole design process. Moreover, we offer you various templated and stock styles for your cosmetic product line.

We have a variety of cosmetic boxes to cater to your special requirements. We have cosmetics, eyelashes, hair extensions, hairspray, lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick, lotion, makeup, mascara, nail polish, and perfume boxes.

Yes, we proudly ship our wide variety of products to the United States and Canada.

We offer a wide range of stock styles, like corrugated,

You can have impactful printed cosmetic boxes by following a few effective tips: