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Kraft paper is the most eco-friendly material, and the retail market is moving towards it for a sustainable presence. It is preferable for all types of products, such as food, cosmetics, jewelry, apparel, and more.

Many brands resort to Kraft packaging for its endless benefits, such as environmental friendliness , durability, and flexible customization support. We manufacture Kraft boxes of all sizes and shapes to pack your diverse range of products.

Kraft Boxes are an excellent option to keep your small items intact without losing them. It is pretty beneficial to get your brand a green reputation. Our sturdy and durable packaging helps you get a lot of customer attention efficiently with user-friendliness.

Kraft Boxes - An Ideal Choice for Retail Customers

Sustainable product packaging is a requirement of every retail business, and there is an enormous demand for custom packaging.

We offer a diverse range of packaging services to meet your requirements for utter satisfaction.

We offer durability, presentation, and ease of handling. In addition, our packaging provides all three qualities at affordable means. We ensure that your custom Kraft boxes are effective against pressure, heat, moisture, humidity, and other tampering factors.

With Kraft paper packaging, you can get all three of these as well as the nature-friendly factor. Therefore, Kraft paper boxes are more than good enough – it is the best.

We offer the versatility of the material, allowing you to make various packaging boxes in line with your brand’s theme.

Our Kraft paper boxes are sturdy and firm, like any other packaging material, from a durability perspective. The packaging can be of different types; thus, you can get packaging with the durability required for your product.

Why Business Moving towards Kraft Packaging?

All the products in the market need some packaging. So, the demand for packaging worldwide is enormous and ever-increasing. There are many different packaging materials, but the versatile and most promising material is Kraft paper.

These types of boxes are eco-friendly, lightweight yet durable, and strong to keep your product safe. Kraft paper has a natural brown color and can be given any shade with our latest coloring machines.

Kraft boxes are becoming more and more popular. It is in high demand, and every industry wants Kraft packaging boxes to leave a strong impression on consumers with its sustainability. You can use our Kraft bakery boxes to keep your food fresh and tasty to give a delicious experience to the customers.

Our Kraft packaging boxes are good to protect your products against several tampering factors and impress potential customers with their high-quality build.

A Diverse Range of Custom Kraft Packaging

Different products require different types of packaging boxes. You can have to embellish Kraft boxes like Double-Wall Tuck Fronts to achieve distinction in the store. For your food and other grocery items, you can use Tuck Tops to give a more secure and attractive look to your product.

For your toiletry products, we present Kraft soap boxes to keep your hygiene products safe and sound. In order to promote your boxes or give a better look at the product to help the consumer make an informed decision, we have Kraft window boxes.

Kraft is a versatile material, and you can use it for various items, such as to present your clothing brand with our Kraft apparel boxes elegantly.

You can also have several other styles such as custom Kraft pillow boxes, bags, pouches, boxes with lids or handles, and more, as per your brand requirement.

Sizes, Dimensions, and Shapes

We have a series of robust small Kraft boxes; however, your custom Kraft packaging boxes can be manufactured in different sizes, shapes, and dimensions. So, you are not bound to use the boxes of standard dimensions.

To make your Kraft boxes the way you want, you can have them customized the way you want with our company. We cover all your packaging requirements with our custom made Kraft boxes, whether you are selling bakery items, machinery, etc.

High-Tech Printing Method

We use high-class printing techniques to make your product more eye-catching and appealing. So, you can get a better product presentation with our Printing Options.

Our team uses PMS and CMYK to produce vibrant custom printed Kraft packaging for your valuable product line.

For visual details, there are many printing options that you can use to make your packaging appealing and eye-catching. Presentation is essential for any retail product, and your Kraft boxes can get you the desirable display.

Furthermore, we use stylish typefaces to print the essentials of your products. We also use the same to print your brand’s name, logos, and taglines for enhanced perceived value.

You can have various images, printing designs, texts, and any other details. Such attractive printing options help your product get a lot of customer attention.

We also share a 3D mockup design with you to make you familiarize with your packaging design idea.

Remarkable Finishing and Insert Styles

Our sea of customizations can make your packaging more appealing. These options include custom see-through windows, dividers, holders, sliders, sleeves, die-cutting, and more.

Furthermore, we have a diverse series of finishing options, such as:

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Raised Ink
  • UV Spot
  • Gloss Lamination
  • Matte Lamination, and more

These are the finest coating options to give your custom Kraft boxes a pleasant texture.

You can also request the blend of two or more coatings or have several add-ons to increase the elegance of your boxes.

Impressionville - Right Choice for Your Custom Packaging

Impressionville specializes in making Kraft boxes and many other types of packaging. Our expert design team fulfills your required customizations and designs to help you get the best packaging.

Wholesale Rate: We offer Kraft boxes wholesale at a reasonable price. We make sure not to burden your wallet with our cost-effective Kraft packaging in bulk quantity.

Our Proficient Designers: Our design team carefully designs your packaging, complying with all your requirements. We have provided many customers with our quality packaging solutions; we can also do this for you.

Quality Assurance Team: Moreover, our quality assurance team thoroughly checks the entire order to ensure optimal quality for your utter satisfaction.

Free shipment: Our company ships orders throughout the United States, the UK, Australia, and Canada without levying any additional costs. We ensure to send your order within the allotted timeframe; however, our team contacts you in case of an emergency.

Eco- Friendly Packaging: Our high-tech production design ensures that the material can be protected from moisture and provide us the complete packaging solutions. As a result, Kraft boxes are incredibly eco-friendly, cost-effective, and well suited for very serious environmental impact people.

Reach out to us to book your order and share your queries with our team.

Frequently Asked Question

Kraft paper is famous for its many tremendous features, and being eco-friendly is its highest quality. That is the reason it is the most used packaging material.

Kraft packaging is relatively inexpensive than the other stocks used for packaging. Therefore, it does not demand a major setback to your cash.

You can use glazed Kraft boxes to pack the food and keep it fresh.

Our designers use high-tech printing techniques to give your Kraft paper any color your desire while maintaining its durability, sustainability and protects your product range effectively.