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The apparel industry is quite vast, with a number of versatile clothing items, such as shirts, ties, pants, belts, undergarments, and more. Suitable packaging is an essential requirement for different clothing items. So, the diversity in apparel packaging is of no surprise.

Brand appeal amplifies when you pair your product with top-of-the-line Custom Packaging Boxes, particularly when you deliver apparel to the customers. These boxes become your company representatives. Also, the boxes should be sturdy to survive the rigors of delivery.

Impressionville supplies personalized clothing packaging for all your apparel goods. We fulfill your packaging desire to represent the nature of your goods and the individuality of your company. We offer apparel packaging for this extensive and immense market of clothing.

Earn Prominence with Custom Apparel Packaging

Choosing a personalized signature custom box packaging with us allows you to increase your brand visibility. With our trendy customization techniques, you can promote your clothing line and grab the attention of potential customers.

Our company designs apparel packaging boxes for you, so you earn prominence effortlessly. We offer an array of choices for your satisfaction.

Our Commendable Stocks

We make apparel packaging boxes with card stock, rigid, and Kraft. These options are set to make your boxes durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. In addition, it protects your clothing items from any damage.

Diverse Range of Box Types:

As for the box type, you can select any box type that packs your clothing items. We make all the box types as per your requirement. You can present your collection of ties beautiful tie boxes. Similarly, you can compliment the shirt line having elegant shirt boxes, designing them elegantly.

Our Elegant Offset Printing Techniques:

We offer CMYK and PMS printing models for all types of designs and patterns you would want on your apparel packaging. Furthermore, we also produce apparel boxes with logos and taglines on the boxes. We provide a lot of templates for you to choose from for printing your logos.

Design Alluring Looks with Custom Apparel Boxes

We do not restrict you when it comes to choices for custom apparel boxes. You can have different types of packages for a shirt or any other item as you can use our Double-Wall Tuck Fronts, Tray Sleeves, die-cutting, and other designs.

We design custom apparel boxes in a way that sways your potential customers without any hassle.

Custom Printed Apparel Boxes with Logos

Our competent in-house production experts print custom apparel boxes with your logo and name to make them a representative of your company. Our custom printed apparel packaging helps you get an acknowledgment from existing and potential customers efficiently.

Best-in-Class Apparel Shipping Boxes

If you are looking to ship apparel in an eco-friendly manner and provides a unique and modern unboxing experience, we are here to help you out. We are the leading source for getting the best-in-class apparel shipping boxes. We ensure that the apparel packaging does not break down in transit. We both use shipping boxes or mailers for the same purposes.

Choosing the Right Shipping Box Shapes

The shipping boxes' shape and size should match the item inserted into them for shipping. Our luxury apparel boxes prevent overstuffing and, as a result, prevent your items from getting damaged. We offer various packaging designs with multi-layer cases to meet your needs satisfactorily. The solution is for clothing that needs to be kept clean of wrinkles; our wardrobe apparel shipping boxes are the correct answer.

Wholesale Custom Apparel Packaging Boxes

You can avail of wholesale apparel boxes to further save your money. It will help you to compete in the market by ensuring product availability. We recommend you to get these packaging in bulk to level up the competition and to stand neck to neck with rivals.

We also serve special offers for apparel packaging supplies to get discounts. Do not miss this opportunity and book your orders now.

Why Choose Impressionville for Custom Apparel Boxes?

Our company offers unique custom apparel box-making ideas that every brand is looking for. We aim to provide you with custom made apparel boxes that increase your product and company's value.

We have earned diverse clientele' trust due to our consistent service quality, affordable price range, unrivaled printing and packaging products, and unforgettable customer experience.

Moreover, our quality assurance team takes out the defective boxes to ensure that our ship's products are spectacular in finesse and design. Choose us for:

Sturdy Material

When it comes to clothing boxes, we use sturdy and eco-friendly materials to make these boxes solid. Strong packaging is better to carry large items and keep the box secure from being destroyed.

Best for Recycling

Custom clothing packing boxes are widely used due to various advantages. We offer sustainable and eco-friendly apparel packaging to ensure the protection of nature.

Various Size & Dimension

The great thing about our customized clothing boxes is that you can find them in all shapes, sizes, and colors, depending on your clothing scale and style. Besides packing clothing, you can use these boxes to promote the apparel brand with our design team.

Free Shipment

We provide free shipment of your orders to the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK without any kind of hidden charges.

Free Design Support

We tend to give free sample kit, and we have a dedicated design department which assists you throughout the designing and packaging journey. You can request a prototype for more clarity before ordering apparel boxes wholesale.

Get Support from Packaging Experts:

Impressionville believes in going the extra mile. That is why we offer a free custom logo design for your apparel packaging. You can get this free offer by merely placing your order.

For any queries, you can contact us through live chat and the provided phone number. Our customer support guides you further about our services.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, we offer design support, and we do not charge you anything because we believe in giving you a seamless experience.

We create sustainable boxes that can easily be reused or recycled, as per your preference.

We offer various finishing choices, namely Embossing, Raised Ink, Debossing, UV Spot, Hot Stamping, and more.

We use a wide range of add-on styles to increase the protection and appearance of your boxes.

You can avail various packaging materials, like Kraft and corrugated, for your shirt boxes. It can be customized in line with your required size and shape with your brand’s name and logo.