Frequently Asked Questions

You can save it, but not that much. People are amazed that the second color on print work is relatively cheap. Our instruction is usually if a second color will make your packaging outstanding or make your packaging look more persistent with your other branding; by all means, don’t let a few amounts per box prevent you from getting a second color.

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Possibly a little bit but not that much. There may be an inconsiderable saving in the printing plate's cost or on the product itself, but here is our typical response to this question – ink is inexpensive but set time is not. Whether we use a pinch or a cup of ink, the difference in amount is minimal.

Yes. Here you can get the samples on demand, depending on availability. Custom made samples may be charged a cost for design and other things.

Certainly, corrugated is lighter and less costly than alternatives like plastic, wood, and metal; it is also 100% recyclable. Unlike other kinds of boxes, corrugated boxes fold down leveled for storing and shipping, which secure your money and floor space. Corrugated is sturdy enough for stacking, resistant to impact and vibration, and it can comfort and protect your products during shipping.