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Eating out or ordering food every once in a while has become more of a tradition in every household. The restaurants, pizza places, and bakeries, all require suitable food packaging. Packaging should be such that it keeps the food safe from damage and to provide ease of carrying. Numerous food boxes are available in the market that is specially designed for a particular food product. Impressionville offers many types of food packaging boxes for various foods.

Food Packaging Boxes

With food products, you have to take extra care to keep the products safe from any damage. Therefore, the packaging must have some level of durability. Durable packaging is easy to handle in-home delivery and to take your food home yourself. For instance, if you are carrying a pizza home, you would not want to get a smudged pizza because of slight mishandling.

Durability is one thing, but at the same time, the presentation is also critical. Your food packaging boxes should have some appeal to them, too, right. So, it is always better to make your packaging nice-looking instead of bland boxes.

The presentation is the key to the food market. The foods that look appetizing are the ones that get your attention. And, when you have new food packaging boxes, the whole experience becomes even better.

Therefore, the food packaging boxes that have the right balance of both the durability and presentation is the best choice. Such packaging is an ideal packaging for your food products.

If you add banding details like brand logos, taglines, and other branding details, then your packaging will have a marketing plus.

All the prominent names in the food business have their food packaging boxes customized. It is becoming more of a standard in the food business. Such branded food packaging is right for your brand as it will help your business get recognition. Once your brand gets recognized, the customers who like your products will become loyal to your brand.

Custom Food packaging

To get all of your requirements in one place, the best option is to get your food packaging customized. A custom packaging will allow you to have durability, presentation, and branding details – all in one place.

Moreover, you also get to choose the materials, size, dimensions, printing, finishing, and other customization details. With all these options at hand, you can have a signature food packaging. So, it is always good to have your food packaging custom designed.

Following are the options you get when you have custom food boxes:

  • Materials:

When you have custom food boxes, you can use any suitable box material of your choice. The materials and customizable according to your selected designs, are the best choice. Cardboard and Kraft are accessible packaging materials.

  • Type of Boxes:

For various food items, a different type of boxes is required. Therefore, there are a lot of box types available specially designed for particular food items. For instance, you can get slider boxes for your deserts, four corner cake boxes, etc. Similarly, you can use various types of boxes for different products.

  • Size and Dimensions:

The size and dimensions of your food packaging are also important as you may require box sizes for different products. You can also have specified sizes for single servings. Custom food packaging allows you to get the packaging for various sizes and dimensions.

  • Printing:

Printing plays a major role in raising the presentation of the packaging. You can have various images, logos, taglines, product information, and many eye-catching designs for your packaging. A nice appeal will make your gourmet packaging truly amazing. For that purpose, you can have CMYK and PMS printing options.

  • Finishing:

The finishing of the packaging is also very important as a nice finish can take your presentation to the next level. There are many finishing options you can use for your packaging. The options include gloss, matte, embossing, debossing, raised ink, foiling, spot UV, and many other options.

Wholesale gourmet and food packaging by Impressionville

Impressionville offers a wide range of customization options for your food packaging. We have a dedicated design team to get you all your design requirements in one place. The company has been designing many gourmet packaging for many brands in the market. You can have amazing packaging too.

For any queries, you can contact our support team.