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Pre-rolls are dominating the market with their ever-growing demand in current times. It is of foremost importance to win your customers’ trust effortlessly. It is essential to promote your pre roll items through customized pre roll display boxes to gain traction in the market.

Our company manufacture pre roll boxes in all sizes and shapes. We use offset printing techniques to produce elegant wholesale pre roll boxes.

Impression Ville uses various customization techniques and tools to produce high-quality custom pre roll joint boxes. We provide secure and sustainable product packaging wholesale at affordable rates.

Why Need Custom Pre-Roll Packaging for Cannabis Business?

If you’re new to Cannabis Pre-Roll Packaging, you know it can be complex to order. When contemplating the various types of packaging choices available, you can feel confused by choice. Don’t think about it; that’s natural.

Choose our customized marijuana packaging based on longevity, appearance, and product protection by submitting a quote from our website. We manufacture display pre roll boxes as per your preference to promote your brand prominently to hit the potential target.


You can choose any size and shape you desire to have customized pre-roll packaging.

You can embellish your pre-rolls packaging with various enticing options, like sliders, dividers, sleeves, and more.

Our company believes in the idea of green packaging, and we provide you with eco-friendly pre-roll boxes without deterring the quality.

You can store about 3 to 5 pre rolls in one case. You can have customized pre roll boxes to store more blunts.

Our MOQ for pre roll packaging boxes is 250 pieces at least.

Marijuana pre-rolls were originated at the end of the 1800s and made popular by our elders in the 1960’s. These cannabis pre-rolls joints have been a favourite of any generation. Today, this cannabis symbol is widely referred to as a ‘pre-roll joint’ and can sometimes be seen on each dispensary’s countertops. If you’re offering individual pre-rolls or multi-packs.