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Pre-rolls are dominating the market with their ever-growing demand in current times. It is of foremost importance to win your customers’ trust effortlessly. It is essential to promote your pre roll items through customized pre roll display boxes to gain traction in the market.

Our company manufacture pre roll boxes in all sizes and shapes. We use offset printing techniques to produce elegant wholesale pre roll boxes.

Impression Ville uses various customization techniques and tools to produce high-quality custom pre roll joint boxes. We provide secure and sustainable product packaging wholesale at affordable rates.

Why Need Custom Pre-Roll Packaging for Cannabis Business?

If you’re new to Cannabis Pre-Roll Packaging, you know it can be complex to order. When contemplating the various types of packaging choices available, you can feel confused by choice. Don’t think about it; that’s natural.

Choose our customized marijuana packaging based on longevity, appearance, and product protection by submitting a quote from our website. We manufacture display pre roll boxes as per your preference to promote your brand prominently to hit the potential target.

Our custom pre-roll boxes protect the smell and efficacy of your valuable products. Furthermore, our boxes are child-resistant and tamper-evident while making them aesthetic for your cannabis products.

Impressionville pre-rolling packaging is tailored to provide the brand that your consumers want. Custom pre roll boxes preserve the efficacy and potency of your blunts efficiently. It protects your joints from harm during shipment.

Grab Customers Through Customized Pre Roll Boxes

Ease attracts consumers, and portability matters a lot in packaging cannabis products, particularly for pre-rolls and blunt wraps. Custom pre-roll boxes are the best choice for all of these reasons, provided they are built with immense perfection and total professionalism.

Professionally crafted customized pre roll boxes are more user-friendly, handy, decent, and give designers more room for creativity. Also, their qualities have made these boxes the first option for end-users of pre-rolls.

Impressionville has been accredited by many well-known marijuana brands and cigarette firms as the leading manufacturer of personalized pre-roll cases. We have all the skills and experience needed to build pre-roll boxes with total perfection and diligence by the customer’s specifications.

Design Your Pre-Roll Packaging with Impressionville

Impressionville takes the responsibility of adorning your packaging with modern technology. We offer our clients numerous customization options that open the doors to new designs.

Our clients can select from every little to the big thing, such as material, finishing, size, shape, stock styles, and several other details. Talk to our competent in-house packaging experts and discuss everything briefly to obtain idealism on your pre-roll packaging.

Premium Quality:

Quality is of most significant concern as it conveys your brand’s values to the purchasers effortlessly. We craft firm and durable pre-roll packaging that will shield your goods from all the harmful elements. You can have them in card stock, Kraft, Rigid, and such other materials.


Every retailer wants to draw their consumers’ attention quickly. Similarly, customers are more attracted to items that look different. Our company prepares your boxes in any shape, size, or dimension you require without sacrificing their texture.


Among so many personalization choices, we are also offering diverse styles necessary for prominence in the market. A few of the types are mentioned below:

You can also request any other style which is not mentioned. Fashion your pre-roll packaging with our unique set of styles mandatory for success in this competitive industry.

Remarkable Offset Printing Techniques:

We print the company’s name, logos, monograms, and taglines, making it easier for the buyer to find your products on the store shelves. You can have various graphics and details that subtly complement your brand.

Impressionville has both unique CMYK and PMS printing options to provide you with the greatest pre roll joint boxes.

Finishing Choices:

Finishing is what gives your pre-roll packaging an exquisite appearance. Impressionville understands that an elegant finishing will provide your customers with an unforgettable experience.

We have numerous picks and a few of the finishing options, such as

  • Raised Ink
  • Gloss Finish
  • Matte Lamination
  • Debossing
  • Foil Stamping
  • UV Coating
  • Full-Color Printing, and many various options.

Eco-friendly Packaging of Pre-Roll Boxes

What your packaging believes in and shows are what is needed to get the entire floor to yourself. Impressionville has brought a series of eco-friendly pre-roll packaging solutions that will speak volumes about your brand to the customers.

Our top priority is to deliver quality boxes to our clients. Our pre-roll packaging boxes promise robustness and durability. These factors are essential to protect your product against all kinds of adverse effects.

The packaging is not as easy as it seems and requires serious attention and effort to show its distinctiveness. We have sustainable custom pre roll packaging that will showcase your brand’s worth to the consumers with reusability and recyclability.

Luxurious Pre-Roll Packaging Boxes by Impressionville

From all the above-discussed characteristics, the stunning, sleek, and imaginative appearance of pre-roll boxes has played a vital part in making it trendy or classic packaging.

We have to follow the latest trends to stay updated and stylish, which can be done with pre roll boxes. You can get fashionable cartridges and cigarette cases to look classy.

The way personalized pre-roll boxes open on their own gives a sense of fashion and satisfaction to the user.

You can directly pick the cigarette straight out of these functional boxes with your lips without using your hands to look cool.

Women who follow the latest trends strictly even prefer this packaging for their cosmetics. Most working women love to buy cosmetics products and store them in pre roll boxes to look trendy in their communities and for their convenience.

Get Wholesale Pre Roll Packaging

Impressionville manufactures pre-roll packaging in bulk to avoid burdening your wallet. We offer pre-roll boxes wholesale at affordable rates to display your products elegantly on the store racks.

We are quite famous for its swift production, economical prices, the quickest turnaround time, and, most importantly, our faith in serving you within our full capacity. Some of our promising services are listed below:

Quality Assurance: Our Quality Assurance team thoroughly checks all the boxes to ensure you do not face any issues.

Free Design Support: We have free design support to make the entire design process smooth. You can explore our templates and receive a free sample kit to learn about your potential design.

Free Shipment: We are delivering orders throughout the United States and Canada without any delivery fee. Our shipments are always on time; however, we will reach out to you if a problem occurs.

Get Support from Packaging Experts

You can call us, write an email to us or chat with us to talk about your concerns and queries with our able team. It is pertinent to inform you that we take our clients very seriously, and they are present to resolve anything that is bothering you.

Frequently Asked Question

You can choose any size and shape you desire to have customized pre-roll packaging.

You can embellish your pre-rolls packaging with various enticing options, like sliders, dividers, sleeves, and more.

Our company believes in the idea of green packaging, and we provide you with eco-friendly pre-roll boxes without deterring the quality.

You can store about 3 to 5 pre rolls in one case. You can have customized pre roll boxes to store more blunts.

Our MOQ for pre roll packaging boxes is 250 pieces at least.

Marijuana pre-rolls were originated at the end of the 1800s and made popular by our elders in the 1960’s. These cannabis pre-rolls joints have been a favourite of any generation. Today, this cannabis symbol is widely referred to as a ‘pre-roll joint’ and can sometimes be seen on each dispensary’s countertops. If you’re offering individual pre-rolls or multi-packs.