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Ten Unbelievable Facts That You Need to Know About Kraft Packaging

These days there are several types of paper packaging in the market that are used for different purposes like shipments, gifts, and food packaging, etc. These Kraft packagings are very famous because of the diversity of options for packaging goods.

These Kraft boxes have altogether changed the packaging industry by maximizing the outcomes of the packaging and by providing ease to the customers and producers of different goods. Moreover, the option of customized size Kraft packaging makes it more special and appealing for everyone.

There are several other packaging options in the market, but the customer prefers these Kraft packaging, and you can easily find the goods of daily routine within these Kraft packagings. The Eco-Friendly nature is one the major reasons for the success of these packagings. These boxes are recyclable many times depending upon the grade of material used for packaging.

Every packaging company gives a variety of options for the selection of packaging material which makes it difficult to choose a suitable material for your product. Every material has certain advantages and disadvantages, which should be highlighted by the packaging partner. The packaging partner should elaborate on the facts about the packaging materials. Here are the facts about the Kraft packaging.

Facts About Kraft Packaging

1) Eco-Friendly Nature:

Global warming is the main concern of every individual. Everyone knows that packing is the primary source of this. Millions of packing tend up inland fields and ads up in pollution. But the interesting fact about these Kraft boxes is that it's 100% eco-friendly. Not only user-friendly but also eco-friendly boxes. These Kraft boxes are the most common uses when you talk about eco-friendly boxes. There are two explanations behind this. First, the raw material for these packaging is highly recyclable. Second, 90% of these recycled boxes consist of recycled material. There's no need to get fresh stuff to make it.

Because of this feature, it got popularity in the market because people are very conscious about the environment. Media coverage on this issue has helped to aware people of this issue and now they are adopting eco-friendly packagings to save the environment.

2) Cost Efficient:

Design gift boxes made of Kraft material are best because it helps you to give life to your designs. Pricing is the primary concern of each organization to home-based business owners. They want new and creative packaging concepts, but when it comes to prices, they kill their creativity. But the great thing about these personalized cardboard boxes is that you can customize them with stickers, drawings, ribbon, and stamps at the most reasonable prices. Packaging and printing never cost you a hand.

Kraft packaging is a pocket-friendly option that helps you to make creative personalized packagings for your goods. These facts must have shifted your mind on the Kraft boxes. Not only are they a hundred percent biodegradable, but they also support the company in several respects. It is one of the best marketing vehicles for its customization properties. So be imaginative with these boxes, since they are really nice to the bag.

3) A Variety of Options:

Kraft boxes provide multiple options for the packaging of different products. These packagings are currently the ideal choice for packaging products such as aromatic and handmade products. Special Kraft Jewelry Boxes are easy to wrap unique jewelry items. This type of Kraft packaging is elegant and makes it easy to protect shiny rings, bracelets, or necklaces from losing their brilliance. By customizing your image design, you can make your brand unique and give it a personality that makes it look special.

Moreover, it has a higher acceptability ratio in the market, so it will also help in the marketing process. You can use different kinds of Kraft packaging according to your product type.

4) Easily Customizable:

Kraft boxes are print-friendly, ensuring that you can conveniently customize them with your logo and other product information, which will turn them into a marketing tool for your company or brand to draw buyers. Be innovative, come up with an appealing slogan, show the quality or advantages of your product or service, and print it on a personalized form of Kraft case, as well as some enticing photographs of the product to draw the biggest buyers and boost your sales. Printing methods have several choices, such as CMYK offset printing, gold or silver foil stamping, spot UV finishing, etc. Printing exclusively onto Kraft boxes costs, but plain Kraft boxes without printing are decorated with stickers, stamps, ribbons, etc. These are perfect ideas to improve the appeal of the package and make the items stand out cost-effectively.

Another factor for its success is that Kraft boxes have various designs, including rectangles, triangles, diamonds, and even egg shapes. You will get the concept of a customized Kraft box with any paint, form, or size you want. If you want to ask for a product that is already wrapped in a package, the Kraft Cut Window box is your best option.

The size of the box is often important when it comes to personalizing the boxes. Since the same uniform size is not suitable for a range of goods, although all boxes have the same basic features as items with varying sizes and volumes, the design and form of the box have to be changed. On the other hand, for heavy-duty shipping, the strength and robustness of personalized Kraft boxes shield your exquisite items from injury.

5) Best for Transportation:

Kraft boxes are of exceptional quality, so they can handle the most adverse climatic conditions, such as moisture, heat, and even vibration. Kraft is a special type of composite that can survive a wide range of pressures. In addition, these boxes have the capacity to incorporate corrugated layers, which enhances their durability and reliability. They are very helpful for shipping and packing, as Kraft boxes can effectively protect the goods in the package from preserving the integrity of the product during transport and avoiding any damage. That's why the boxes of Kraft are so popular in our lives.

6) Gives Contemporary Look:

Kraft boxes provide:

  • Improved printing
  • Graphics features.

Supports a wide variety of printing options, such as:

  • Lithography.
  • Optical printing.
  • Screen printing.

As a result, these packagings will be used as a promotion and branding method for products. Companies can print their logos or artwork and print products or data on Kraft boxes, including email addresses or other information and many further promotional details, which makes it very beneficial for these packaging to draw consumers' interest, thereby increasing the sales of goods.

These Kraft packages can quickly boost your brand image and act as a new network for your product promotion. You should add written concept manuscripts to your personalized Kraft box so that your product's marketing can be significantly improved. Your knowledge of your products will also grow, and your information will be readily conveyed to your clients.

In one poll, 63% of the Americans surveyed said they felt that paper and cardboard packaging made items seem to be of good quality relative to other packaging forms. Even more, 69 percent think that the wrapping of paper or cardboard makes the substance look more real. Next time you're in the grocery shop, take notice—you're more attracted to the cardboard package.

7) Best for Food Packaging:

You may have noticed that some takeaways use Kraft boxes for food packaging, which are made of food-grade Kraft paper, which has an oil-proof lamination within the grease-proof package. These Kraft boxes are commonly used as burger boxes, salad box shipping, fried chicken packing boxes, and sushi packaging. They should have a transparent PVC/PET opening on the top of the cover to see into the boxes. As these Kraft takeaway boxes are biodegraded products, they are very suitable for fast-food takeaway package packaging.

Moreover, these boxes can be used for your lunch packing, as they are sturdy enough to withstand the weight. These Kraft food boxes are also the first choice for restaurants. These boxes are effective in packaging food and allowing their buyers to manage it quickly. Besides this, they help to promote the name and products on the market.

8) Maintains the Food Taste:

Kraft packaging is a food packaging choice. A research performed in Spain in 2016 showed that storing fruit in corrugated carton trays improved its shelf life by reducing cross-contamination. When both corrugated and plastic trays of peaches were purposely infected with bacteria, the researchers observed fewer microorganisms moved from carton packaging to peaches. Researchers have observed that fruit remained fresh for 48 to 72 hours longer when kept in cardboard trays.

Most of the food companies use cardboard packaging for their products, and you can easily find the food products with Kraft packaging in your nearest stores or online.

9) Less Germy Than Others:

Analysis has demonstrated that the procedure used to produce carton boxes can deter germs from occurring. Cardboard layers of paper are molded and bonded at temperatures of up to 200°F—more than any pathogens like E. coli and Salmonella can tolerate. It ensures that carton boxes are an especially healthy way to pack the product since they are likely to be sanitized from the packaging process, even though they are constructed from recycled material. And since cardboard boxes are only used to transport food once until they are torn down and recycled, they don't transmit bacteria like a reusable container made of any other content.

10) Provides Health Benefits:

Kraft packaging is made up of eco-friendly materials, which avoids the use of chemicals in the production process. The avoidance of these chemicals is very beneficial for health purposes.

In contrast, other packagings use ordinary material and different chemicals in packaging, which just not only kills the purpose of the packaging for food, medical, and cosmetics products, but these packagings go to landfilled sites and cause pollution.

Moreover, when these packagings are burnt out, they release toxins, which pollutes the air and causes many diseases.