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Trendy, fashionable and elegant packaging for your makeup, cosmetics, and perfumes

Trendy, fashionable and elegant packaging’s for your makeup, cosmetics, and perfumes

Makeup, cosmetics, and all sorts of beauty products are very much in demand. The reason for this demand is the ever-increasing number of customers and the exponentially growing fashion industry. A lot of different makeup and cosmetics brands have launched their makeup and range of beauty products. The production of these products on such a large-scale result in a massive requirement of makeup packaging. This is where our company impressionville comes into play and provides you with the best makeup cosmetics and perfume packaging in the market. We offer packaging solutions for the whole makeup range and cosmetics. In addition to makeup and cosmetics, our company also makes the best perfume packaging you can get for your perfumes.

The packaging goals you can achieve with us:

The packaging goals you can achieve with us

The goal of any self-care product brand, whether it makes perfumes or beauty enhancing products, is to provide its customers with the best in quality products made with a unique signature idea. The theme of the product range these companies launch is planned under a particular signature idea of that company since it is doing all their advertisement and marketing according to its signature idea, then why not keep that signature idea in the packaging too. Our company can make signature custom packaging for your products emitting the same energy that is associated with the products of your brand. This coordination can provide you with the best in class unique retail boxes for your products. All that is required from your team is to choose a design for your custom boxes with a suitable template that you believe would go with your boxes and leave the rest of the box making and printing to us.

Cosmetic and makeup boxes:

Cosmetic and makeup boxes:

The cosmetic and makeup boxes are usually with two essential things in focus: the safety of your product and an eye-catching presentation of your product. For the safety of the self-care products, good quality, sturdy and durable materials are used. Such materials keep your cosmetic products safe from any kind of damage. damage from careless handling, dirt, and moisture, as these can deteriorate the quality of the cosmetics packed inside. The cosmetic packaging are designed with all these factors in consideration to always provide the customers with reliable boxes. The type of box also has a part in the safety of the product.

Not only from the safety pointy of view but also from the presentation of the product as a whole the type of box chosen is crucial. Now from the presentation point of view, the color scheme, the printing, and the finishing of the box play significant roles in making the cosmetic boxes presentable. The color scheme of your boxes and the printing should be in such harmony that they enhance the presentation. The finish of the packaging has a lot depending on it, as this is the process that makes your boxes complete and appealing.

These things are given a lot of considerations because the self-care products packed in these boxes are a representation of your company, so they have to standout.

Self care packaging - A hassle for you:

Self care packaging’s - A hassle for you

For any cosmetics and beauty products company, Packaging can be a lot of hassle. This is because a lot of different products are launched by the company in the market, and packaging for all these products can be a lot of trouble. So, companies like us who are providing packaging solutions make product boxes for them. This is what our business is about, saving you the trouble while providing the best in quality box packaging for your products.

The box packaging options we are offering:

The box packaging options we are offering

Our company is with you; whether you want to pack the conventional cosmetics, makeup, and fragrances, or you want packaging for your exclusive range of products. We design, make, print, finish, and do everything in between for any kind of boxes that you would want for your company. Any type of packaging for your cosmetic packaging including different types of face creams, eyeshadows, eyeliners, hair extensions, lip balms, lip glosses, hair sprays, lipsticks, lotions, mascaras, foundations, nail polishes, perfumes, and any type of other cosmetic packaging can be made for you and for your brand. For all these products, a wide range of box materials, box types, printings, and finishing are offered with one goal in our mind and that is to provide you with the best packaging you can get.

Perfume boxes:

Perfume boxes

When someone is feeling good about themself and is also smelling good it makes the best combination. The market and volume of demand for fragrances require no introduction as everyone likes to smell good while getting ready in the morning. With your perfume, you are giving a customer such a fantastic experience and a boost in confidence. So, for something this great, a packaging matching the awesomeness of your fragrances should be used. To get those custom perfume boxes, you don’t have to look any further and get our services quickly. Such great packaging does not only provide the customer with a good experience but will also provide your company with a boost in sales.

Nail polish boxes:

Nail polish boxes

Nail polishes or nail paints never go out of fashion, but instead, new designs and modified products are launched by companies every year. The consumers using these nail polishes adorn them, and it is one of the most used makeup items. This never going out of trend makeup deserves a packaging that is worth a praise. With us at your service, you can get trendy nail polish boxes wholesale that customers would love to keep. Not only will customers like them, but they will be a sound investment for your business as well.

Mascara boxes:

Mascara boxes

For fashion-conscious women, the eyes are of paramount importance. This is the reason why mascara is used so much worldwide as it enhances the natural beauty of the eyes and makes your eyelashes look thicker and prettier. Cosmetic companies are aware of this reputation of mascara, so no wonder there are hundreds of mascara options available in the market. Following the general philosophy of the fashion industry that anything related to fashion must look fashionable too, we aim at providing the most stylish and elegant looking custom mascara boxes for your brand.

Eyeliner boxes:

Eyeliner boxes

Eyeliner, just like mascaras, is a makeup item that makes your eyes look prominent and amazing. Its application makes the girls trendy, fashionable, and stylish. To do justice to such a chic makeup item, the packaging should also resonate with the vibes in terms of presentation. Well, you do not have to worry about it as we are at your service for making eyeliner boxes stylish.

Eyeshadow boxes:

Eyeshadow boxes

It is safe to call mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow as “Eye conic three.” The reason being their applications in making your eyes look stunning from every aspect. Just like the previous two, eyeshadows also require the same fashionable treatment in terms of the visual presentation of their box packaging. Whatever you are looking for to make your eye shadow boxes unique and classy, we can provide you with our years of experience in custom designing and printing in the packaging field.

Lip gloss boxes:

Lip gloss boxes

Lip gloss is such a versatile makeup that any woman can put it on whether she is in high school or a middle-aged professional. You can wear it to a party and with formal attire too. The makeup companies are aware of it, and this is why a lot of makeup companies are sometimes offering two different ranges of their lip glosses with one targeting the elegant and stylish mature customers and the second for the trend-follower younger audience of customers. Just like the two separate campaigns, two different packaging are required. The handling of the packaging of two different campaigns can be difficult for any cosmetics company because of their workload of making multiple products at the same time. This problem can be solved, and you can be provided with two separate packaging of decent looking lip gloss boxes. No matter what details you want in your lip gloss box packaging, you will be provided.

Lip balm boxes:

Lip balm boxes

Lips have an essential role to play in the overall beauty of any face, and rough and damaged looking lips are not something that any woman would want. This is why a lot of women have a lip balm in their purse as it is an easy to use remedy for your lips that not only fixes them but also make them look healthier. This two in one makeup item that comes in various sizes and shapes is a well-demanded item in the market. As with any product in the market, something different and unique is what the customers are looking for, and when it comes to providing something different in the market, we excel in the field. By our creative packaging ideas, we make your everyday routine lip balm boxes into something that every customer would take a second look at.

Lipstick boxes:

Lipstick boxes

Numerous cosmetic brands have launched their lipstick ranges and are getting a lot of business because of the ever-increasing market of lipsticks. The fashion industry never seems to get tired of lipsticks. This is why the market of lipsticks is flourishing. Because of the crowding of a lot of different brands in the market competing with almost similar qualities, it often comes to examine how the product is presented. We can help you in taking your presentation game up by providing you with a lot of different types of designs for your lipstick boxes. Your lipstick packaging can be made according to any design of your choice inspired by any theme your company has introduced for its makeup line. The goal is to provide you with packaging that provides a spotlight on your product.

Lotion boxes:

Lotion boxes

Lotion is something every house has whether women live there or not. it is something everyone considers important as it moisturizes and fixes your skin. In comparison to other cosmetics listed here, Lotion is something that people who are not even fashion-conscious have with them. Basically, it is viewed as a need of the body, and this is why it is so much in demand, and despite a lot of brands in the market, all the brands are getting sales of this product.

Different companies have their own different types of lotions launched in the market and design custom Lotion boxes according to brands need. Commonly seen types of lotions are honey lotions, coconut lotions etc. Like any other product, a different kind of lotions will require different type of packaging with different images and product-related details printed on them. All your printing and box making worries are solved by having your custom boxes made from us.

Cream boxes:

Cream boxes

Creams are very much resembling with lotions, but creams are of a wider variety and purposes. For instance, there are a lot of different types of creams including BB creams, night creams, winter creams, and acne removing creams. All these types of creams are made by a lot of brands to meet the demand in the market.

Because of such competition in the market, the companies have to be on their toes all the time to do something new and to bring the customers with something unprecedented whether this change comes from the concept of a particular product or a change in the packaging. A new packaging that is out of the box, not in a literal sense but in terms of the presentation and packaging making of the product, can be the answer and has the potential to get your product a lot of attention. If you have such an idea and now you are looking for someone to implement this idea for your cream boxes packaging, then Impressionville can help you achieve the design with perfection.

Foundation boxes:

Foundation boxes

The foundation is a crucial part of the makeup. All the other types of makeup that are applied on the face are applied after a layer of foundation. So, for those who don’t know what foundation is and what is its purpose talking about men, it is “the foundation” of the makeup. Usually, foundations are in a plastic container in the form of a cake but a lot of other types of foundations are available in the market too that are in different containers in a different form. Like any other retail product, foundations also require packaging that are made according to the type of the product. The Custom foundation boxes are made with different box making and printing details. In this regard, our help can save a lot of time and trouble in making these boxes. Whatever packaging you have in mind for your foundation boxes can be made into reality.

Hair extensions Boxes:

Hair extensions

Women often like to experiment with their hair and try on different hairstyles and new ideas. To try different hair options, often hair extensions are used to make them appear longer and beautiful. Hair extensions have a lot of customers in the market who wants to try on different hairstyles and different hair lengths. Being fashionable and a bling accessory, hair extensions require a lot of care from various factors that can affect the texture of the hair. These factors are dirt, moisture, and temperature. In order to keep your product safe and sound from any damage for a long time, a specialized box packaging is required that keeps the hair extensions Boxes usable for a long time. In the hair extension boxes designed by our box making and printing company, you can find all of these characteristics that will keep your products safe for a long time.

Hair sprays Boxes:

Hair sprays

Hair sprays are used for keeping the hair in their place when you are making a different hairstyle. It can be commonly spotted in any woman’s makeup vanity because of its widespread use for making various hairstyles. The cosmetics companies are fully aware of the popularity of hair sprays; this is why you can see a lot of different hairsprays displayed on the shelves of the retail stores. Like any other cosmetics product, if you require a personalized hair spray boxes, then our company can provide you with a lot of options from the general designs to the intricate details.

The whole range of cosmetic boxes covered:

The whole range of cosmetic boxes covered

By reading about all these self-care product packaging that we are providing, you can easily get an idea of the wide variety of customized packaging services we are offering. A lot of cosmetics are not even mentioned in this list. For any cosmetics box packaging, you can depend on us to provide you with the quality packaging that you require for your product.

Exclusive luxury boxes for your product range:

Exclusive luxury boxes for your product range

Mostly different cosmetics and self-care products, companies introduce a special range of their exclusive luxury products. Which are limited editions. For a limited-edition packaging custom made for your products, you can get our box making and printing services with a lot of different fashionable and luxurious options. Exclusively custom cosmetic boxes with luxury finishes.

Box making and printing choices you get with us:

Box making and printing choices you get with us

When it comes to custom box making, we specialize in providing the best box making and printing options. All the aspects from your box designing to delivering are taken care of. Any type of box designing, making, printing, and finishing of the boxes are provided according to your choice.

Box material options:

Box material options

A lot of box material options are there for you to choose from. This choice of material is dependent on a lot of factors like the price of the material, durability, sturdiness, and compatibility with the design you chose for your boxes. Three types of boxes are usually used that are rigid, cardstock, and kraft stock. Depending on the box design you want you can choose any box type for your product. For instance, if you’re going to pack something fragile and breakable then you can go with a corrugated variety.

Eco-friendly boxes:

Ecofriendly boxes

You can also make a green image of your brand in the minds of customers by using Kraft stock as it is biodegradable and can easily be disposed of. The customers judge a brand by such factors and with us, you can get a good reputation for your company, which is always right for business.

Box types:

Box types

For the cosmetics packaging of your products, you can choose from a wide variety of box types. You can choose any box type that you think would suit the packaging you have in mind. We offer a lot of different box types like tray sleeves, bookends, double-wall front tucks, tuck in, reverse tuck, open style, box style, with and without window, with and without inserts and any other type of boxes that you would like for your products. The choice of the box has a significant effect on the presentation of your product, so you should be extra careful in choosing your box packaging.

Sizes and dimensions:

Sizes and dimensions

When any company launches a product in the market, a common problem that the company faces is getting the right size and dimensions of the packaging. Most of the packaging makers offer you standard packaging sizes, but a lot of times, the size of your product can be bigger or smaller than the packaging size. We are here for you to solve this common problem for you by providing custom sizes and dimensions that you can use for your products.

Printing of the boxes:

Printing of the boxes

Printing is where the packaging is made eye-catching and appealing. Making your product attractive and eye-catching is crucial as it is something that attracts customers. For the customers, all the glitters are gold, so you have to cash in on this and make your product appearance as good looking as you can. For this, we are here to help you. We will make the packaging for your company that reflect quality and originality. The logo of your company, the very recognition of your brand, has to go on the packaging, and we make a box worthy of your logo.

Different images and information that you want visible on your boxes can be printed. We are offering both CMYK and PMS printing methods. You can get the type of printing you want for your packaging. Moreover, we are also offering a lot of different templates for you to choose from, or if you have something else in mind, then we can comply with that too.

The Finishing of the boxes:

The Finishing of the boxes

The finishing of the boxes is crucial because the overall presentation of your box packaging greatly depends on it. Impressionville acknowledge this and aim to provide you with a wide range of finishing options that are sure to enhance and increase the presentation of your product. The finishing options we are offering are gloss, matte, foiling, spot UV, soft touch finish, metallic foiling, holographic, embossing, debossing, and laminations too. The goal is to provide you with a lot of options for you to choose from and get you the most fitting and good-looking finish.

The added services you get with us:

The added services you get with us

We believe in enabling our customers to get any design that best suits their packaging. To make this easy for you, we provide a lot of added services to help you from any point of view regarding box designing, contacting us, suggestions, minimum order quantities, free quotes, digital proofs, samples, and shipping. We will make sure that our customer is satisfied.

Digital proofs:

Digital proofs:

The box design you have in mind will be demonstrated to you on how it will appear in its final form through digital proofs. It will enable you to change or modify the box design so that the whole consignment does not leave you unsatisfied because of some slight details.

Free Samples:

Free Samples

In case, if the digital proofs are not enough for you to see if whether the box packaging is up to your design requirements, then you can get a sample of the designed box free of any cost.

Free Quotes:

Free Quotes

You just need to fill us about the volume of your order and you will get a free quote from us. Our quoted prices will help your team in finalizing the consignment of your boxes after thoroughly viewing the services we are offering against the quoted prices.

Minimum order quantity:

Minimum order quantity

As our company believes in enabling our customers, we have set a very small minimum order quantity of boxes. You can get a minimum order of 100 luxury boxes and 500 plain boxes for your products.

Live chat support:

Live chat support

After going through our services, a lot of FAQs can appear in your mind. For which, you can contact us through our live chat support and get all your questions answered.

Call support:

Call support

If the live chat support does not make you satisfied, you can also call us +484-975-0150. Our customer support team will provide you with all the answers to your questions. No doubt call communication is better than others.

Email support:

Email support

You can also use the Email channel to communicate with us. You can email us support@impressionville.com all your queries regarding your needs and you can also send us your packaging requirements Product Size, box material etc. Along with the designs as attachments. The Email channel will best suit you if you are a representative of a company.