Why you Need Tray and Sleeve Boxes for your Product Packaging?

There is a number of packaging box styles available to retailers these days. Many of them are quite attractive to look at; some are user friendly, while others provide support and safety to the packaged products. While you are considering your options for product boxes, you need to consider the elements of aesthetically appealing design, user-friendliness, and your merchandise's shelf life.

Among the various packaging styles, tray and sleeve boxes are a laudable option for their purposefulness and layout. These can be customized for any product ranging from an accessory to a food item. Here are the reasons you need to consider this packaging style for your products!

You can have any Artwork

Whether you are looking to have a creative layout for your custom packaging or need a branding design, tray and sleeve packaging can be personalized to your design preferences. These boxes are used for packaging food items, jewelry pieces, apparel products, accessories, makeup items, and so much more.

For watches and other delicate items, sleeve packaging is preferred as it keeps the product intact and safe. You can have your favored design details printed for these boxes without any hassle. Any pictorial and text elements can be printed for these boxes as you have the leverage to choose the size according to your needs.

Have your Preferred Printing Material

Just like the design, you have the option to choose your printing material for custom tray and sleeve boxes. If you like cardboard, you can have these boxes printed in your favored stock. Any other material can also be chosen. Tell your printer about the kind of product you intend to package inside these boxes, and you will get relevant material preferences.

You can even have a detailed look at the sample boxes to get a better idea about which stock you should pick. You can do some online research to get more insight into stocks' features before making a final decision.

You can go for digital printing. It is extensively used in small-scale print jobs. When it comes to boxing packaging, digital printing is used quite a lot. Labels, stickers, and many other options are used for tray and sleeve boxes, corrugated boxes. Digital printing comes with zero tooling costs. It is quite easily accessible. That's why no prior setup is required for this. You can go to the manufacturer with a design and get it printed right there.

A well-reputed printing company offers the best digital printing services. It has quick turnaround times, and with the correct configuration, it gives the best printing quality.

Plenty of Finishing Options

Whether you like an embossed logo, glossy/matte lamination, or any other customization for tray and sleeve boxes, it can be done just the way you want. So having these boxes for your product packaging gives you the perk of choosing your finishing options according to your branding needs and personal liking.

There are many custom options available for these boxes that you can look at before picking a combination.

Space for Printing Product Details

With custom printed tray and sleeve boxes, you can pitch your product quite astutely to potential customers. The space on the top of the boxes and the back can highlight brand information like logo, tagline, salient product benefits, and more.

You can have your contact details printed visibly on the packaging boxes as well. It would effectively assist you in building brand affinity and bringing back repeat customers.

If you want your tray and sleeve boxes to have superior quality and appeal:

  • Choose professional printing services.
  • Ensure that your printer offers you adequate stocks, inks, design assistance, reasonable prices, and not too long production time. You can't take a chance to trust a wrong service provider and end up messing up your product packaging, so be meticulous with picking the right one.
  • If you are availing the services of an online printing company, have a detailed look at the website, read reviews, glance at the sample boxes, and then decide.

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