Retail Packaging- Then and Now (An Insight on Previous and Latest Trends)

Most of the packaging that consumers come across is retail. Be it a gadget box, a makeup gift set, apparel boxes or display packaging, all of these are retail packaging solutions. Previously retail packaging boxes were merely used for safe storage and handing over of products to the customers.

With the changing trends of branding and marketing, custom retail boxes are now popularly utilized for promoting a business and its merchandise. These boxes are not just a wrapping for a product; these are effectively used for showcasing an item to the potential buyers. Here is an analysis of how retail packaging has evolved over the years!

The Design of Retail Boxes

The artwork of retail boxes for cosmetics, gadgets, apparel items and accessories used to be simpler. The businesses didn’t care much about having a packaging layout that is interactive and appealing enough to grab the attention of potential customers.

Over time consumers have became more demanding and well-acquainted with latest technology. Now they prefer innovative and invigorating ideas of marketing and product promotion. Retailers now have to put in effort and thought into making their retail packaging striking enough to pique the interest of target audience.

Quality of Custom Retail Packaging

Cardboard was mostly used for printing retail boxes. The material was considered enduring and flexible enough to be crafted into any style and other specifications. Printing industry has seen significant developments over the span of a decade or so.

There is more choice of stocks available to the retailers now; a preference can be made based on the kind of product that needs to be packaged. The usage of kraft paper has increased and for every material there are varying specifications available. So retail box packaging printed these days is more refined in texture and definitely more resilient than it used to be.

Detailed Retail Boxes

Previously retail boxes used to carry information like instructions to use a certain product and some basic business contact details. With the digitization of technology and marketing, brands felt the need to interact with customers on a better level and now we see businesses sharing more information with the consumers.

Packaging details also got modified and now every retail product has inclusive information available on the boxes. For instance, if it’s a makeup item, there are details of formulation, best before date, brand’s social media details, create that look and possible FAQs. Packaging has become more useful for the user which is an upgrade.

Custom Retail Packaging

Having your packaging customized is a better option as you can cover all the aspects of your packaging without compromising.

When you are having your packaging customized, you get many options. You can select the materials, style of boxes, sizes, dimensions, shapes, printing, finishing, and many other customizations.

To make your packaging more fantastic, you can have many other customizations like see-through windows. Such customizations take your presentation to the next level. You can have matte, gloss, embossing, debossing, foiling, holographic, soft-touch, spot UV, and many other options.

Impressionville offers a wide range of customizations to get you the best retail packaging wholesale for your products. Getting your customized packaging from us will get your products the boost they need.

Reusable Custom Printed Retail Boxes

There wasn’t a concept of reusable packaging boxes, product wrapping used to get discarded as soon as it is opened. Over time with the improved quality of packaging, the boxes are made handy with unique styles so that they can be stored along with the product and can be reused again.

Now many retail packaging boxes can be reused for another item. These can be used as storage boxes or for another purpose as well. This gave retailers a smart idea to have their branding details vividly printed on the packaging so that they can get repeat customers.

Retail packaging is getting better and smart and consumers would see more significant changes over the next few years. Retailers are now using their custom packaging to communicate with the buyers; they are actively sharing their brand stories, website and social media links to build a loyal community.

We are likely to witness engaging and useful retail packaging boxes that won’t be a potential threat to the environment since kraft is quickly replacing other printing materials.