Latest Trends to Follow for Cosmetic Packaging

Be it Sephora, L’Oreal, NARS or any other top cosmetic brand, what customers like about them is definitely their unique makeup range. But packaging is something that sways them into checking out more and more items.

Cosmetic packaging is indeed one of the decisive factors for customers to buy a certain product, this is the reason a hefty sum is spent by brands annually to revamp and improve their custom cosmetic boxes.

Whether it is long lash mascara, matte lipsticks, eye-shadow pallet or a pen eye-liner a customer would judge a makeup business by the layout of its packaging. So, all those cosmetic businesses out there, you need to have a look at these latest trends of cosmetic packaging!

It’s about Glam

Add that glamorous touch to your makeup and cosmetic boxes to make them captivating for the shoppers. If you are launching a summer makeup collection, have themed lipstick boxes, lip gloss boxes, mascara boxes and eyeliner boxes.

You can have movie themed, retro or other inspirations for your cosmetic packaging. Think out of the box and do something different and unique to make your packaging stand out. For gift sets and collections, you can have lively themes and ribbons/paper flowers attached on the boxes to enhance their appeal.

Easy to Store Cosmetic Boxes

If you want your customers to remember your cosmetic brand and products, make your packaging easy to stock up. Many cosmetic items are quite delicate and need constant protection from heat, moisture and shock. Make your cosmetic box packaging useful enough that it can be stored along with the product.

If it’s an eye-shadow pallet box, make it easy to open and handle for the customers. Makeup items are avidly carried by women on vacations, so make your packaging easy to carry within a hand or shoulder bag for their convenience.

Inclusive Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Cosmetics and makeup items are popularly given away as gifts. Customers need details like expiry date, list of ingredients and other information before making a purchase. Many consumers are allergic to certain kind of chemicals so they prefer chemical free cosmetics.

All these details need to be included in your packaging. Don’t let customers look up to a sales person for information; make your packaging enlightening enough to assist them making a purchase. This is likely to help you build brand affinity for your business.

Woo Customers through Packaging

Make your customers feel really special through your packaging. This can be done by adding a small free gift card or an item to express your gratitude for them. This will go a long way in assisting you build a loyal customer community. You can add a foundation sponge within the foundation boxes. In the same way, you can have an eyebrow brush added into the eye-shadow boxes as a gift for the customers.

This would also help you with upselling. Surprising your customers with these small gestures through your packaging would definitely bring them back to you.

Branding through Your Packaging Boxes

A unique and up to date branding design with your logo and color scheme would support you with building brand magnetism. Your lipstick boxes, mascara packaging, boxes for eyeliners, and all other packagings would stand out with exciting artwork.

It is likely to intrigue new purchasers into checking out what you are selling. Getting new customers would also be more convenient this way.

Cost Effective Marketing

Branding and marketing are going parallel to each other for any product line. Your cosmetic packaging can easily market your brand and products if played smartly by adding information of the brand on the boxes.

Different and Attractive Options

There are a number of finishing options available for cosmetic packaging these days. You can pick a combination based on your product collection. From matte to glossy lamination, embossing, die-cutting, window and debossing, there are a number of customizations available.

Seek the expertise of a professional printer that can walk you through the whole process of cosmetic packaging design and printing. Pick up a material after evaluating the features of options at hand.

Do look out for die-cut box styles trending for cosmetic packaging these days to take a smart pick. You can have a box customized with a new style as well.