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Important Lessons We All Can Learn from Covid-19 Outbreak

Important Lessons We all can learn from Covid19 Outbreak

Many of us feel an inherent quest for unveiling nature's mysteries. How the planet we are occupying today looked centuries ago, were the natural disasters and calamities responsible for man's evolution? These and many more mind-boggling questions have been intriguing many of us.

The coronavirus that has changed Earth's landscape once again has been declared a global pandemic that affected thousands and is expected to affect countless. Amidst the peaceful, happy routine lives that we all were living and got so comfortable with, no one thought that the fear of a virus would turn everything upside down in weeks.

Every country is shaking with the magnanimous impact and aftershocks that would follow this calamity. While everyone is applauding China, the country from which it originated to fight it off so proactively, there are deteriorating circumstances across Europe and other countries.

We, as nations and individuals, have to learn many lessons from this global catastrophe. There is so much to think while you are in self-quarantine. Time to make amends, think about dreams that you gave up on, checking up on people you don't hear from in days and months.

Is life worth the routine you had been so immersed in? Is it worth keeping hatred and grudges for people having different opinions, religions, colors, and creed?

If you haven't thought about all these things earlier, now is the high time to learn!

Take a New Start:

Take a New Start

Life is a precious blessing. You live it once; why not make the most out of it? While you haven't thought about the things that used to give you happiness because you were busy making money and paying the bills, think about a fresh start. Stop dragging yourself to work every day when you always wanted to do something else with your work life.

Impressionville stands by its clients and everyone around the globe amidst these challenging times. Think about giving it a try when there are peace and hope outside again.

Do Not Take People for Granted:

Do not Take People For Granted

It is very human of us to take loved ones, friends, colleagues, people we come across every day for granted. While we don't do it unintentionally, we need to connect, communicate, and care for people around us more. Most of us will be missing the conversations with the far off family, friends who are in another state for work, and colleagues you won't be seeing until the office reopens again.

The coffee that you have enjoyed with a close buddy without wearing a mask, feeling the fresh air is something you would want to value now. Life, moments, and people are precious; we all need to realize it.

Give More to the Community:

Give More to the Community

We all were not prepped up for a disaster that would confine us within the houses for weeks. We have grocery supplies in the pantry and food in the fridge, have you thought about the homeless? People who sleep on the streets and don't have enough to stock up? Now is the time we act responsible and accountable towards society and country.

It's not just the responsibility of governments and NGOs to take care of society's deprived sections; we all need to give back to the community. You can participate in many things for the sake of humanity in terms of money, food and other things. Suppose you cannot do anything for someone, then at least share awareness of the pandemic towards others who do not understand the SOPs. Forward the awareness messages to your friends and family. We all are sailing through the same storm; there is no discrimination based on race, money, or nationality. Let's be more kind!

Compromise Your Freedom for the Greater Good:

Compromise your Freedom for the Greater Good

Many of us are still denying that the virus can spread and kill a significant proportion of the population. Instead of roaming around in the streets even after lockdown and curfew, you are risking the lives of others. Compromise a few weeks' freedom for the interest of humanity. No one is asking you to go to the border to fight with weapons. Stay in for yourself and the sake of others. Learn to put others before you. Sometimes it is all you need for saving the human race.