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How to Increase Sales with Excellent Food Packaging

The food market is very diverse, and every day dozens of new products are coming to the market, and there is a tuff competition in this niche. Food producers need to ensure the food quality, taste, and health benefits within the limited resources. People from any class use food products and these products are not limited to any single group. With the emerge of the internet, the world has become a global village, and now you will see the food of different regions and cultures in one place. It has also given a variety of options to the customers while making their purchase decision. In this competitive market, the producer needs to promote their brand, make their name in the market, and boost sales. Food packaging is very helpful to food producers. With attractive and advantageous packaging, you can attract customers and make your name in the market.

To design a good packaging design, you need to understand that why packaging is important for the food products.

There are three basic purposes of food packaging which are:

  • Protection
  • Preservation
  • Promotion

Let’s discuss these purposes in detail. It will give you a better understanding their concept and necessity.

Purpose of Food Packaging:

1) Protection:

Protection of food is important to keep it fresh and healthy. If packaging cannot protect the food from bacteria and other environmental factors like dust, humidity, and moisture, etc., the packaging is useless because it is not fulfilling its job.

The packaging is designed specifically according to the product's nature, which helps to protect it from damage. Like for liquid food products like beverages, energy drinks, and different juices, glass, plastic, or metallic cans and bottles are used for storage purposes. Some companies also use tetra packaging to store their food products. Milk is packed in tetra packaging because it prevents bacteria and protects it from environmental factors.

Also, protection is very important because food products are transported from one place to another, from factories to storage spaces and then to the retail stores. These food products need special protection in this transportation process because a little mistake can destroy the whole stock. For this purpose, companies arrange special transport (Trucks with air-conditioning containers) to send these products from one place to another.

In recent years, the trend of food delivery has also emerged with the rapid growth of the internet. People use to order food from different hotels and restaurants for their homes and offices. The delivery of these foods is not easy because you are not using special machines for packaging. You have to assemble the packaging on-spot for your orders. Moreover, you need to ensure the protection and the taste of the food to retain your loyal customers. Low-quality food packaging not only spoils the food but also changes the taste. For these delivery businesses, special cardboard packaging is used to protect the food.

2) Preservation:

Preservation is essential to store the food for a longer period. Food companies use the different preservative technique to ensure that food product is bacteria-free. They use different temperatures while cooking the food that ensures them safety from bacteria. Also, they use air-sealed jars, containers, bottles, and pouches that do not allow the air within the packaging. Air particles contain different bacteria, which causes contamination and spoils the food. Air-sealed packaging is the solution to this problem.

If you use chemicals and in-organic ways to preserve the food, your customers will switch to other brands that will affect your business. Always make sure that you are providing quality products to your customers. And for preservation, use quality packaging which is of food-grade material. Food is directly linked with health, and compromising on food packaging will compromise your customer’s health.

3) Promotion:

In the competitive market, promotion is essential for the success of your business. This purpose is always kept in mind while designing the packaging for the food products. The packaging is designed in a way to attract customers. Here comes the question that how packaging can attract customers? The answer is as simple as you like.

Humans are visual creatures, and they perceive things visually. For this purpose, visual elements are added in the packaging like:

a) Pictures:

Pictures are added in the packaging, which helps to grab the customer’s interests. These pictures can be of brand ambassador, food product, or some ingredient of the food.

Different shapes can be drawn on the packaging by just using the simple lines. It also gives a versatile look to the packaging.

b) Animations:

Animations or pictures of different cartoon characters are printed on the food packaging. The target audience of these products is usually children and teenagers. They fanaticize about their hero and try to relate with them. This practice is very common in the market.

c) Abstract Art:

Abstract art is also a very common practice, and many food producers use this technique to decorate the packaging. Abstract colors, pictures, and shapes are printed on the packaging to trigger the customers' curiosity.

Several other techniques help the food producers to attract customers. But just attraction is not enough for marketing. You have to do extra to be the trendsetter in the market. You need to design packaging that communicates with the customers and them aware of your brand and different products. For this purpose, companies use different elements in the packaging like:

  • Companies Logo
  • Product Name
  • Slogan
  • Tagline
  • Product’s Features and USPs
  • Business Address

These things are also necessary to mention in the packaging because FDA has given strict guidelines about the packaging design and the content of the packaging. Violation of these guidelines will not only cause legal issues, but it will also cause financial damage.

How to Make an Excellent Food Packaging?

1) Use Quality Material:

Use food-grade material for the packaging of food products. The compromise on the material’s quality is the compromise on customer’s health. It will affect your image in the market, and it can cause serious legal issues because FDA consistently checks the packaging, company profile, and website to make sure that a customer is getting the quality product.

2) Select Unique Design:

This design refers to the shape of the food box or bottle, etc. Unique designs attract the customer and give the market new trends, which become viral within few days. Try to figure out the product nature and size and then bring something unique and appealing for the customers.

These days you get a different idea from the internet because it allows searching the market trends worldwide.

3) Invest on Printing:

Printing is as important as the product itself. And the plain box is useless, while a custom printed box will disseminate your product information and the company’s message that will bring more people to your product.

Promotion through packaging is based on printing. Choose a trendy packaging technique to participate in the competition. You can bring a printing design by yourself, or you can also hire a third party to do this job for you. As a client, you can ask your packaging partner to design the printing. Packaging companies have their own designing department, where people work for days and nights to bring their imaginations to the computer screen.

Several things need to be kept in mind while selecting the printing design like:

a) Targeted Audience:

You cannot target everyone by a single bullet, and you need to diversify yourself. The needs and demands of people vary in their age and exposure. Understand your target audience, search about their quires, needs, and wishes, and then try to figure out their question through an effective printing design.

b) Client Budget:

You need to follow the restrictions that are given by the clients. The client usually gives the budget restriction because he thinks about the market competition. By giving the cheap rates, he can outclass the competition.

For the food packaging, it becomes more crucial because these packagings are used only once, and then these are disposed-off. Luxury packaging cannot be used for the food deliveries like pizzas and cakes. You need to think about it.

c) Market Trend:

You need to search out new market trends, rivals’ strategies, and the customer’s response to them. By figuring out these questions, you can easily target your potential customer and get you market share.

For this purpose, you can conduct market research to know about the needs and demands of the customers. Try to know about their fears because the fear factor plays a vital role in targeting the potential customers and retaining the previous ones.


In the age of competition, no one denies the importance of quality packaging for food products. As the trend of food is increasing through cultural imperialism, the demand for quality packaging is increasing. Different companies have started to give the option of customized packaging with customized size and prints that helps in not only protecting the food but in promotion of your business.

You need to be very careful while selecting the packaging design because of the success of your business in depending upon it.