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How packaging helps in marketing and boost product sales?

We all know that in the perception of customers, the product is as good as its packaging. A good packaging really boosts the product's sales due to its appearance and the information provided that helps customers make a well-educated decision. According to a survey, good packaging influences 7 out of 10 customers to purchase that product, and as an outcome, it increases sales by 70%.

Fact1: 76% of the customers say that brands build their trust by using high-quality materials and ingredients in their products.

When customers go to the market or do online shopping, they came across an overwhelming number of products. Now a primary factor for someone to purchase a specific product is its packaging. Good, beautiful, appealing, and intelligent packaging attracts many customers compared to simple or boring packaging. When selecting which product to consider buying, customers have no knowledge about specific products other than packaging unless they have used that product before. Many shoppers would prefer a product with packaging that draws their attention.

Fact2: 77% of customers say that the materials in packaging that are designed to keep products safe build their trust in the brand.

When customers have chosen the item from the shelves, they will also read the tag to ensure it is the correct thing for them. In this way, the details you show on your packaging play a vital role in your clients' decision-making process. It is important that you have adequate detail and do so in a visible and understandable manner. Your packaging is always the first impression that anyone gets from a brand, and it's crucial that you make that first impression a positive one. If the packaging is of high quality and attractive, you are more inclined to connect your brand name and your goods with quality. It is highly critical that the packaging protects the goods properly. If it doesn't, consumers can find that you don't care enough for your goods and customers.

Fact3: 79% of customers say that the labeling on the packaging that gives information transparently and honestly about product ingredients built their trust in that brand.

Packaging is a fantastic tool to increase brand awareness and marketing. Your logo and other brand features should be prominently displayed on your packaging, and the packaging itself should perform advertisement and marketing of your brand. When customers see your packaging in the store, they will become aware of your brand and will be more likely to think about your company the next time they need the product you supply.

Why packaging is used as a mean of marketing?

There's packaging everywhere. It's all about the entire thing we're eating, and using in our daily lives. Customers can see it only as a way to get facts about the product they're having, but in reality, advertisement plays a significant role in marketing the product. The packaging of your product generates a strong impression for a prospective customer. Packaging encourages ads since a good and appealing product continues to draw buyers to buy. For example, a stunning combination of colors, a picture of approved faces, etc. It tends to attract customers into the buying of the items. In this opinion, it is often assumed that the packaging of the goods performs better than ads.

How big brands use packaging as a marketing tool?

1. Convert packaging into a Creative Marketing Game

Many organizations are conscious of the value creative packaging designs offer to the brand. Many businesses are coming up with unique games to build new bundles. For example, some dairy products company comes with the idea that their milk cartons come with a specific pattern that can be cut and turned into toys. Some people will transform them into pop-up images. Others are arriving with superhero cards. There are also sets of items that can be made into a board game. All these strategies are here to attract customers of every age and area.

2. Print Important Information

Items can be more appealing and attractive to consumers if they can find specific details about the packaging's goods. These details can contain any or all of the following – ingredients, instructions for use, and collectible images, among others. When creating your product packaging, it is essential to know the needs of your clients. Your product packaging concept should respond to these needs. Some companies can take advantage of significant upcoming events by printing related material.

3. Prize Schemes

Effective advertising and marketing are some of the easiest ways to draw the interest of your future customers. In addition to offering relevant information on brands, certain businesses give consumers the ability to win reasonable prizes. To do this, most food packaging contains a scratch card with a range of rewards. Others let consumers get their packaging and exchange it for money.

4. Product Recycling

What better way to teach your consumers how to make the environment greener, cleaner, and more eco-friendly than to create food packaging that can be reused and recycled into something more meaningful? For example, if you're in the coffee-making industry, you can pack your coffee in a glass mug. After the coffee has been used up, the glass mugs will still serve a function, particularly in daily life. Milk jugs can be reused in the same style as containers for holding water or other objects that they find fit. Quick food joints will pack snacks in recycled plastics that customers would require long after snacks are eaten. Often, enabling consumers to reuse their packaging gives the company more exposure.

5. Targeting Customers

Packages can be very useful in helping you meet your target customer. Certain colors, patterns, or photographs may appeal more to one audience than to another, making your product more appealing to them.

6. Clear and Compact Brand and Product Names

Whatever packaging style you chose, the interest of the customer must be developed to your brand. Customers can never purchase an item until they know which product they are purchasing. This would leave the goods on the shelves for a longer time. For this reason, the name of the product should be simply and proudly written on your package. This is a crucial publicity and branding tactic.


The packaging of the goods is also a perfect way to show customers how this product can help them. This can be achieved by a post, a photo, or a product warranty. They will all help affect their choice to buy. Healthy packaging is just one of the techniques to make promotions and sales more effective. All the tactics listed above have the same objective: to give the brand more attention and popularity even after the products have been used. Any product packaging that has your brand name clearly written on it or can be reused as a household good can place your brand in the hearts of your consumers. In addition, if correctly executed, these marketing tactics will give you the outcome you are looking for. However, it is important to ensure that the prints on the product packaging are of good quality and are not easily erased.