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15 Best Food Packaging Design Inspiration That Will Make Your Day

According to the survey, a single person food revenue is around $1K for 2021. Indeed, global consumer spending on food goods is expected to hit $20 trillion by 2030. However, with so many choices on the shelf, how will you make yours stand out and end up in customer shopping baskets? The best packaging design wins in this area. Modern customers are engaged in playing with new flavors and alternatives. That's why food brands are continually investing in the look of their goods to delight the consumers' taste buds. In this post, you can find the best examples of food packaging design to inspire and learn the packaging design process's steps. Now, let's see some of the best food packaging design inspirations for your business.

15 Food Packaging Design Inspiration

1. Carton changes color when near to expiry date like milk carton

This milk carton warns you how fresh the milk you're buying is. You don't look at the expiry date while you're in a hurry, and you find yourself with expired milk that you can't use. And if you change it, you still waste a lot of time. The carton can also be counted with days because the customer will be more used to the details provided when calculating the milk expiry date by counting days. The orange is too close to the color we equate with risk, 'Red,' because even the smallest color on the box is enough to scare you away from the customer. A lighter color, such as 'Grey,' would be more stimulating and reassuring for the customer and could cause the consumer to associate with the brand you like and trust.

2. Intelligent TOGO Burger Design

Among the concepts of food packaging concept, the TOGO burger's design is one of the finest examples of innovative and convenient food packaging design. Last year, Seulbi Kim was awarded the Core77 Design Award to develop this groundbreaking food packaging. Kim created an idea of a to-go box that will be more practical for both the fast-food industry and its consumers. The package uses less paper than normal and minimizes clutter for easier delivery and transport.

3. 1960s Tootsie Roll

It has a design that is a classic, from its colors to its familiar black cooper font. It's pretty hard to picture some other tasty treat inside the Tootsie Roll package. Ellen Lupton, the senior curator at the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, once said it was a chewy, dark font that best resembles the Tootsie Roll candy.

4. Lemon Juice by Jif

One of the first products to bring plastic into the food industry came in the shape of a lemon. This exclusive design was created by cutting the shape, then embedding a fresh lemon peel on top of it to give it a more realistic and artistic feel.

5. 1950s Jiffy Pop

Jiffy Pop was the first food to serve as a box and utensil for popcorn frying. Manufacturers came to blows to find applications for aluminum after increasing production after the Second World War. However, Jiffy Pop and other commercial goods quickly made aluminum a standard part of the home and food packaging industry.

6. Tea Bags like GoldFish

The teabags are crafted into the shape of an exquisite golden cod. The shape of the golden fish starts to grow as the tea bag is brewed in hot water and begins to swell. This unusual and creative graphic design services packaging delivers excitement at tea time by providing a realistic movement of the moment from the water's fluctuations with a life-like goldfish that appears to be floating in your teacup. Tea drinkers will appreciate the flavor and elegance of brewing tea with this teacup. Food package design firms can collaborate on more packaging design concepts such as this that enriches daily life and is enjoyable to use.

7. Pasta Nikita Packing

Nikita modeling agency has beautifully made use of the strands and shapes of pasta to create an engrossing and interesting array of pasta packaging that catches the interest of the shelf. Creating shelf effect is truly a matter of innovation and experimentation of packaging concept models and creates a big difference in retail sales.

8. Milk by MoloCow

It's a cool project product idea from the Imedia Creative Office that applies to children in particular. It uses a popular meme on the abduction of cows and is translated into a funky milk packaging design that looks like a cow abducting UFO. The triangle-shaped glass bottle resembles a light beam emanating from a UFO-shaped bottle cap made of plastic material. Kids are the key focus of this company, and the emblem of this imaginative food package is an example of a cow skillfully positioned to make it look like a beam.

9. Flowering Tea Bag

A tea company called samova has created a revolutionary and trend-setting tea drink. They used the fact that the tea tastes fine when you adhere to the recommended infusion time. When you place the tea bag in hot water, the paper pores tend to expand, and the origami flower slowly expands in precisely the same manner as the infusion period. The challenge in developing this revolutionary packaging design is to synchronize the right paper with the right folding according to the optimum boiling time for each form of tea. The innovative package style of samova tea effortlessly unfolds the soothing flavors as the flowering tea bags come alive.

10. Beewax made Honey Package

It relies on 100% beeswax for the manufacture of sustainable packaging that can be burned like a candle, rendering it fully waste-free. It is an esthetically appealing packaging term for food and cosmetic products. This packaging is targeted at environmentally friendly consumers who appreciate the consistency of the goods.

11. Fries by Pocket Ketchup

Dong Jiang-uestc's pocket french fry package, Zhongshan Institute, winner in the division of packaging design, 2016-2017. The tiny pocket on the front should be used to direct users to squeeze the pickup in it, rather than the contagious paper plate. Designhill designers have come up with a range of other innovative packaging concepts for businesses. People still want to squeeze the ketchup onto the paper tray and then eat it straight with the French fries, but there are dangerous heavy metal oxides on the printing paper tray, an organic pollutant. If you've been eating like this for a long time, it can cause cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

12. Heat Pressed Eggs Packaging

These sustainable egg boxes made of hay that are heat-pressed into cardboard forms. Creating an egg package that is true, eye-catching, and ensuring that the egg does not crack when it falls off the table is a big consideration for creating an egg packaging design.

13. Italian Spaghetti 6 Servings

The artist Neal Fletcher has introduced this attractive and visually appealing spaghetti style. There are many spaghetti measurements instruments on the market, but none comes together with the packaging itself. This package style contains spaghetti in 6 equal servings to save on waste and be stored for potential use, even to act as a handy help in your kitchen.

14. Propercorn

It is a food packaging company that has been popular due to its handmade, colorful, and eye-catching packaging style. Using a strong mix of quality knowledge and storytelling from a co-personal founder's point of view to reach consumers' in-store snack shelves. By sharing how the brand originated and describing the hours spent playing with recipes and seasonings, they tend to draw buyers.

15. Oil Paint shaped Chocolate

The packaging concept was created by graphic designer Nendo for the Seibu department store in Japan, which could look like a series of oil paints. But these paintings are healthy enough to eat, and they give you the same childhood sensation as opening a fresh box of paints with enthusiasm. The box includes tube-shaped chocolates that have been squeezed out of several flavored edible syrups with a sticker that serves as wrappers. One keeps the wrapping in when you're eating, so the fingers don't get dirty.


Now, we are confident that you get food packaging design inspiration for your business. The quick food packaging concept is so critical that some artists have gone out of their way to imagine their interpretations. Your package template should be in such a manner as to show your product placement on the market. You must have a good view of the products when designing a product template for the same thing. Who's your future target customer? What's the ideology of your brand?