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7 Shocking Facts of Apparel Packaging That Will Blow Your Mind

These days you will see brands everywhere. People love to shop from brands because these brands give them the quality products at economical rates. A customer gets satisfaction due to the premium quality of the product within the budget. These apparel products add beauty to your outfit and give you confidence. Brands ensure the quality of products so their customers can get a special feeling and can trust the brand. It also helps the brands to maintain their good reputation in the market. As people are more inclined to use the brand’s products, so the number of apparel brands is increasing every day. You will find several national and international brands in your surroundings.

These apparel brands do not miss any chance to impress their customers. They offer special discounts, schemes, and packages to influence the thought process of the shoppers. These brands have realized that only maintaining the product quality is not enough to satisfy the customers' needs and demands. They need to take extra measures to grab the people's attention. For this purpose, the packaging of apparel items is very helpful. It can help the brands to make their unique identity in the market. Sometimes, this identity is very fruitful to set market trends and to make their brand and products the best from the rest. If you take a look at different apparel brands, you will see a fine variety of apparel packaging. Clothing companies use these apparel packagings to pack their clothes and to use them for brand promotion.

But do you know why these brands so curious about apparel packaging? What is the motive behind using customized packaging? If not, then this article is for you. This article will elaborate you every single detail about the apparel packaging. Here are seven shocking facts about apparel packaging that you will love to read. These facts will give you a better understanding of the packaging techniques and the salient reasons behind this concept. So, let's find out:

7 Shocking Facts of Apparel Packaging

1) Brands Use Customize Packaging:

You will often see that brands use customize packaging for their apparel products. They do so because it is beneficial for them. Through these customized designs, they make their name in the competitive market. Customization allows them to choose the packaging material according to their product's needs, customer's demands, and the company's budget. Through this customization option, they can adjust the durability, size, shape, and prints.

Through this customization option, they can increase the aesthetic appeal and the ability to recognize brand support for their products. Such pressures encourage marketers to develop new and unique innovations in order to succeed in the market. A well-designed case can be used for apparel packaging. It must be accurate and provide a solid picture of the goods inside. This packaging should give a premium feel to the customer so he can trust your brand and can rely on it.

2) Uses It for Branding Purposes:

For apparel products, branding needs to be solid, and brands focus on it. These days social media is a powerful brand recognition tool that can market these goods through social-media influencers. It also helps to create brand awareness through digital advertising. The apparel brands take serious precautions to ensure that they do not mistake adopting the packaging technique for their intended consumers.

They need to concentrate on the product's quality, but they also need to ensure the packaging quality with the same passion. Making use of quality apparel packaging for branding the products is much better. The brands have some identifiers that enable their consumer to immediately identify their favorite and trustworthy brand in the market.

Brand's logo, tagline, or slogan are very fruitful to introduce the brand to the masses. Sometimes, even the packaging color is enough to do this job. Usually, it is found that apparel companies or brands are very consistent about these branding elements. You will see these common elements in the packaging for their different apparel items.

3) Focus Over Price Cutting:

Every brand uses different marketing tools for promotion, and advertisement is one of them. Pricing of the product is an important element of marketing. Without competitive pricing, it is very difficult for the brands to conquer the competition. Customers also give prime importance to price because they need to manage their budget.

When it comes to packaging, pricing is very important. The only reason behind this the linkage between product price and wrapping. An expensive packaging will increase the price of the item. People will start to avoid the brand because of the higher pricing strategy. It will ruin the overall brand image.

In comparison, economical prices help to promote the brand. It calls the customers, and cultivate their minds to make their purchase decision. It also helps to make a brand's good image and helps to create brand identity in the market.

You will see that clothing companies often use cardboard or Kraft packaging because it reduces packaging costs and is beneficial for marketing the products and the brand.

4) Spends Money on Aesthetics:

If we take a deep look at the packaging strategies of different brands, we will find that brands are very curious about the packaging's aesthetics. They are always willing to spend their money on new and innovative ideas to appeal to the customers. These brands use different techniques to enhance the beauty of apparel packaging.

These techniques are adopted according to their targeted audience. These apparel companies conduct applied researches for this purpose. These researches help them to know about the latest market trends and designs. The designing approach varies according to the target audience demographics. The designing strategy for children will differ from the designs for adult audiences. These designs serve to enhance the aesthetic appeal and help to increase the practicality of the packaging.

Apparel companies hire designers with vast experience in the apparel packaging niche. These designers closely monitor rival brands' packaging strategies and design innovative and interesting packaging ideas to make the product more welcoming and appealing.

5) Focus Over Luxury:

The prime purpose of product packaging is to advertise and defend the product from other factors. When a customer witnesses that your apparel product's packaging fails to do his duty, it results in disappointment. Some apparel products are more sensitive than other products, and they need an additional protective coating that can support the item and add beauty to it. If your brand's customer receives a damaged product, the customer will not use it and ask you to refund the money.

For this purpose, luxury packaging is the best option—luxury packaging focus on quality and appealing aesthetics. Luxury brands use these packagings. These are made with quality material which can bear the pressure and can protect the product. The customers of these luxury brands happily pay extra for this purpose.

In contrast, every brand cannot afford luxury packaging. Several emerging brands in the market mainly focus on product quality. Due to lack of resources, they can't afford the luxury materials and finishing. These brands can imitate the rivals' techniques and can use cardboard packaging, and just by spending a little amount on printing, they can make it luxurious.

6) Adopts Futuristic Approach:

One of the common traits for most brands is to adopt the futuristic approach. They highlight their vision by adopting the latest trends. These trends help them to increase their productivity by improving their product quality and design. Apparel brands hire textile designers that help them to bring the best apparel designs, which set the trend in the market. Local companies copy these designs or imitate them, and these designs become viral in days and nights.

Some brands also highlight this approach to their packaging techniques. You will see that some apparel packagings give a futuristic look and add value to the product. Brand focus to adopt the best quality material for their products as well as for the wrappings. They bring innovative design ideas that attract the masses. These ideas not only add beauty to the product but increase its reliability and usefulness.

7) Ensures Zero-Waste Policy:

Using sustainable material for apparel packaging is the demonstration of a futuristic approach. Apparel brands use bio-degradable material for wrapping because it does not cause pollution. These materials also fulfill the brand promise of a zero-waste policy.

Apparel brands promise their customers to provide them quality products, and they consider packaging as a product part. Sustainability and bio-degradable nature are the salient traits of quality packaging. These wrappings are recyclable and are decomposable. These features enhance their acceptability in the market.

Corrugated boxes, Cardboard bags, and Kraft packagings are suitable options for this purpose. These packagings offer you plenty of features, and they are also eco-friendly. Many renowned apparel brands are already using these packagings for their products. You can easily find these packagings in the market.


The brand makes its policy draft by focusing on several things. They focus on their brand promise and try to answer the customer's queries effectively. These brands focus on long-term planning, and they adopt practices that can help them in the long-run. Apparel packaging is a common concern for the brand owner and the customers. Brand owners want to give the shoppers a memorable unboxing experience while the customers demand quality and value to money deals. Above mentioned facts highlight these concerns and how brands answer these queries. They also highlight the brand's approach and thought process. By reading these facts, everyone can get a better understanding of the apparel packaging phenomena.