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10 Best DIY Custom Box Ideas You Can Use to Boost Productivity

What is DIY Product Box packaging?

Finding and efficiently producing useful and quality products for sale could be challenging, notably if your budget is tight or in the early stages of building your business. That's why it's a great idea to use DIY packaging. With only the right amount of imagination and dedication, you can develop personalized packaging templates that would make customers want to go back to your store and buy more items.

Apart from a multitude of aspects that you need to prepare and remember carefully, you also need to find a way to set your company and your goods apart from rivals. To be a good company owner, the priority is to make sure that your goods solve your customers' issues and fix their pain points without cheating them off. Most notably, you need to have a satisfactory consumer service. It would help if you thought about making customers remember your brand and how you can offer the 'wow factor' every time they unpack the items, they've ordered from you.

10 Best Custom Box Ideas

1. Glittery Jewelry and Accessories Box

Glitters make regular boxes vibrant and gorgeous. Glitter DIY boxes are at the top of the list because the DIY packaging products are inexpensive and cheap. You can conveniently buy ordinary boxes and glitters from department stores and launch the design process right away. A handwritten or typed personalized thank you card will also give a 'special touch' to the order and make the customers feel appreciated. You may also choose to align the glitter colors with the jewelry or decoration inside the case.

2. Wooden Frames with Transparent Front

This online clothing shop comes up with Nature-inspired, wooden frames for their stylish shirts. This packaging style is excellent for items with elaborate patterns or something that needs to be shown. It comprises pieces such as makeup and cosmetic cosmetics, necklace collections, and chocolates. The cost of materials for this packaging design is not cheap, but luxury goods need premium packaging, isn't it?

3. DIY Printed Pillow Boxes

DIY pillow boxes are the best choice for perfumes, jewelry, wedding souvenirs, snacks, sunglasses, or promotional pieces. Protective inserts can also be inserted to ensure that the product does not shift around the package or get hurt. If you're not happy making prints for your pillowcases, there are DIY and crafting websites with layouts that you can print out.

4. Customized Stamps on Boxes

If you are a seller of homemade goods, you should try DIY packaging that is basic and artistic. Custom stamp boxes will save you a lot of money, and they are also an ideal form of packaging for products with a minimalist approach. This is one of the best custom box ideas.

5. Natural Boxes

Nature packages are easy and cost-efficient, but they will still 'wow' people who love Earth. If you plan to choose this DIY packaging form, you need to make sure that you select the right sort of leaves that don't wither very easily. DIY Nature boxes deliver herbal soaps, vitamins, and makeup products, as well as customized business certificates and event souvenirs.

6. Colorful Bubble Wrappers

Bubble boxes are good for big or heavy items such as notebooks, ties, magazines, workout wear, and even car components. This style of packaging is cost-effective, simple to modify, and can provide ample security for your goods. Adding custom or well-designed stickers and logos will also increase your food packaging, particularly though you're only using ordinary bubble boxes.

7. Floral Print Boxes

You can render beautiful, rustic packing out of ordinary boxes and jewelry gold. If you are an artist, drawing on the package is still an alternative, but high-quality flower printing or something relevant to the product may also be a trick. There are several free templates and floral designs that you can download from the internet. Still, it is often suggested that you draw your design and replicate it for your product packaging for branding purposes.

8. Custom Stickers with Boxes

Apart from the design factor, stickers may be strategically positioned to tie the boxes around. Stickers are inexpensive, easy to customize, and can offer an exceptional unboxing experience when built and used correctly. This is one of the best custom box ideas.

9. Stamped Cotton Bags

Cotton bags are widely used to prepare favorites for activities such as weddings, birthdays, and baby showers. They are an outstanding choice of packaging for small items. This covers watches, handmade fabrics, makeup, soaps, or tea. This form of packaging content has low environmental effects, no chemical treatment, and no lightweight. You can watch videos or read step-by-step guides to design your own DIY muslin bags.

10. Burlaps with Customized Tags

A lot of people enjoy burlaps because they have the potential to give a rustic feel to something. Burlaps are climate-safe, reusable, and easy to customize. If you're paired with bright jute strings or elaborate laces, the burlap food packaging would definitely stand out. Many sellers will want to reduce the expense of packaging, not to know the advantages of branding and the firm's overall prestige. With these DIY packaging tricks, you can definitely 'wow' your customers without having to spend too much money.

Quality of Packaging Box Matters a Lot

To send the items securely, orders must be delivered in high-quality, durable, and secure packaging. However, with such a wide variety of packaging materials available on the market, it can be difficult to find the most realistic and inexpensive alternative. The role of packaging in the supply chain is essential to ensure the quality of your goods. Your buyers want the package to come without a scratch. But the importance of protection doesn't mean that the postal packaging needs to be bland and repetitive. You need a flexible packaging stock that you can use in a smart, effective manner. No matter where you are based, our wholesale packaging solutions will do whatever job you need to do. Most notably, you're going to deliver the item safely while looking beautiful.

Packaging Box Must be Eco-Friendly

For several brands, environmental support is one of their most significant qualities. Many brands improve eco-friendliness as having a major role to play in the business. If the products used to produce the product are sourced sustainably, why not go a step further? In the past, you'd have to waste a lot of time purchasing eco-friendly wrapping products. These packaging goods may not have been inexpensive, either. This is one of the best custom box ideas.


Custom products are so much more than beautiful boxes and whatever ends up inside them; they're a straightforward and exclusive way to tell a company's tale. And they're completely scalable—send five to ten thousand depending on the expenditure and the priorities. With the right customer or employee perspective, the strategies have a tremendous capacity for effect and ROI.