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10 Best Gift-Wrapping Ideas to Makes Your Moments More Special

Gifts are an easy and effective way to express your emotions to your loved ones. Giving gifts to each other is a common practice worldwide. On special occasions like Christmas, Easter, and others, the demand for these gifts increases, and gift manufacturers introduce special gift packs depending upon the event's nature. You will have seen heart shape chocolate boxes, cakes, and balloons on valentine's day. Couples exchange these gifts to express their love for each other. You will also have noticed that these gifts are packed in mostly red color's packaging because Red is the color of love.

Packaging of the gifts adds value to the present and gives a unique feeling of care and love to the receiver. For the gift packaging, you can buy readily available gift boxes or can go to your nearest store to acquire the services of a specialized person who can do this job for you. At special events you find special packaging of the gifts by the companies, but what about the other days? How can you decorate your gift? What do you need to decorate your gift? Here are the ten best gift packaging ideas that will answer these questions about gift packaging.

10 Best Gift-Wrapping Ideas

1) Kraft Paper Packaging:

The trend of Kraft paper packaging is increasing in the market. The Kraft papers provide the best packaging options at a low price. Because of this reason, the demand for Kraft paper is sky-high. The thickness of the sheets varies according to the product needs.

Moreover, these papers are very easy to mold, which gives ease in wrapping the gifts. Kraft papers of different colors and designs are readily available in stores. You can select the design and color of the paper according to the present and the event.

2) Newspaper Packaging:

Although more viewers are moving from print to digital news, there are still 28.6 million newspapers are printed daily. And all of us have a share of our newspapers sitting around at home waiting to be reused and recycled.

By following a few steps, you can make this vigorous and straightforward concept meaningful. For example, look through your newspaper stack to find an amusing or humorous article that complements the gift you're offering. Or find an unsolved crossword puzzle and use it as a way to give your holiday greetings.

And if you don't have any newspapers, someone you know has a lot of them at home. Tell your friends or family to share any of the newspapers they no longer read, and share your gift-wrapping suggestion. They might use this trick for gift wrapping.

3) Use of Props:

The use of different props can make an ordinary packaging extraordinary. These props like ribbons, flowers, stickers, and other stuff are readily available in the markets. You can also buy them online. Moreover, if you are not in a position to go somewhere or these products are not available due to some reasons, you can make props at home by using simple steps. Different online tutorials can help you to make these props.

You can make different shapes of paper by cutting the paper or drawing on it. You can paste them on the packaging, which will enhance the look of the packaging.

Moreover, you can make different ribbons from extra clothes, or the use of tape can also do the job for you.

4) Surprise Wrap:

Everyone loves surprises, and when it comes to giving gifts, surprises become more important. People use to give surprises on birthdays, anniversaries to their partners and loved ones. Packaging can help you do this job. Adding little and gimmicks and twists in packaging increases the curiously and gives a good feeling to the receiver.

Use of multiple size boxes or wrapping your gift pack against his size is a common practice. The use of multi-layer packaging with instructions or messages is the best way to do that. The suspense technique is very common for proposals and birthday gifts.

5) Glossy Wrapping:

These stylish and fashionable, shiny white gift boxes are suitable for effective shipping of gifts and food products, and these boxes are of very durable quality. Different food products like chocolates and cakes are given as gifts. These packagings are very useful in this regard. No matter what styles you're looking for or what colors you want, these shiny white gift boxes are great for all your needs. The paper content of these items is very sturdy and tough and can keep the items secure when they are being shipped.

You will find various types of shiny gift boxes on different websites that are printed using offset printing techniques to make the patterns, colors, and prints look attractive and to ensure they last a long time. These shiny white gift boxes are made from food-grade materials so that they can also be used for food packaging. They are environmentally safe and do not contain any harmful components. Any of the printing techniques are embossing, matt lamination, glossy lamination, UV coating, painting, and so on. You can also pick from a handmade shiny white gift box that is not only fashionable but also available in a wide variety of styles.

6) Cotton Wraps:

Have you got those old Christmas tablecloths from last year? Then ask about wrapping your gifts in them. It's going to look very retro and special with the other gifts – just tie the knot as a bow or cut an extra piece of material to be used as a temporary ribbon. Also, if your recipient doesn't want to keep the fabric, you will still have it back for extra use next year.

Japanese use wrapping cloth traditionally used to hold possessions but has now become a common eco-friendly gift-wrapping practice in other cultures as well. It's named the Furoski. All you need is a two-sided square cloth and some simple folding skills to wrap a gift in furoshiki.

Whether you choose to make things as plain as possible or simply don't have the time to decorate, the use of cloth is the best option for you. When you wrap a gift in a quality cloth, you'll see that no decoration is required. Just pick a pretty piece of fabric, maybe with a festive theme, and you're good to go.

7) Adding Natural Touch:

Instead of using a glossy plastic bow, use a natural with branches of trees, cotton buds, cinnamon sticks, small pine nuts, rosemary, fallen leaves, or something else you can sustainably source in your field. The easiest way to collect eco-friendly gift garnishes is to cut sprigs from the nearest tree's branch. It gives a unique look to your gift packaging. Moreover, it gives a special feeling to the receiver. Imagine you receive a gift and a real flower rather than a plastic flower. It will definitely please you and will make your mood happy.

You can find different ideas on the internet for adding the natural touch to your gift packaging. This will not only add value to the gift but will also help to reduce the packaging cost, and it is also eco-friendly.

8) Cardboard Packaging:

You're not meant to underestimate the work of a box, and if you do online shopping, you may have some of them sitting around the house that's ideal for your present. These boxes are made up of cardboards, which are durable, light-weighted, and are cheap at the same time. Use these boxes to bring your gifts in and uniquely decorate them with paint, silk ribbons, twine, and even biodegradable glitter – this is also a perfect way to conceal your gift and to keep the suspense for the receiver. This is the best way to pack the glass products, clothes, and toys, etc.

9) Use of Gift Bags:

You can use eco-friendly gift packs because these bags are easier to find than you thought. First of all, you should use a multipurpose bag for the gift. Think that if you were at the receiving end, you would love to get a present wrapped in an eco-friendly bag. Furthermore, you can make a customized gift bag, and the gift receiver will use it for years to come.

If you're into art, there are different ways through which you can make recycled, eco-friendly cloth gift bags by yourself. Look through your wardrobe for pillowcases, scarves, sweaters that you no longer use, and everything else that can be reused but that doesn't look old and washed out yet.

10) Humorous Touch:

Humor is the best way to attract people. A gift packaging with a humor factor will not only increase the gift value, but it will also make the receiver happy. You can use different techniques to add humor to the packaging.

You can add different emojis, funny pictures, witty jokes, or funny quotations to make the packaging more interesting. These packagings are very useful for the gifts of children on their birthdays or for appreciating their achievements.


Packaging of the gifts is important to increase the value gift by giving it a pleasant look and by keeping the surprise. Gift packaging increases the curiosity of the receiver that what is inside the gift box. There are several ways to design gift packaging. You can choose the packaging design according to your product. Some packaging designs are given above, but you can bring some new ideas that you have seen at some other place.