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The Ultimate Guide on Creating the Best Cosmetic Packaging Design

72 % of American consumers believe that package design affects their purchase decisions. It is evident that branding problems and businesses need to consider doing more to engage in the look of their packaging to ensure that they make the best impressions on their target audience. Especially when it comes to competitive industries such as cosmetics, which is a multi-billion-dollar industry, having a design that stands out can be the key to success. But with hundreds of beauty products available today, it can be hard to notice. This article presented the best examples of cosmetic packaging design to help you get inspired before delving into these extraordinary designs.

What is cosmetic packaging design even means?

Cosmetic package construction is the method of designing packages for cosmetic products. It can include creating shapes, colors, typography, labels, photographs, and other graphic features for various types of packages, such as tubes, pumps, sprayers, pots, airless bottles, droppers, compacts, etc. Professional cosmetic packaging firms merge their imagination and technological expertise to help companies in the cosmetics industry develop packages that: express their brand promise and improve their brand identity.

Let's see some best cosmetic packaging design that inspire customers

1. Complex Line Drawing

Complicated designs using delicate lines and a lot of detail are a timeless standard for cosmetic packaging. Mostly floral and handmade drawings perform well, either cleverly put in chosen areas or covering the whole object. If you're looking for something less feminine but still want something sleek and detailed, a more geometrical, clean, and cool illustration may be perfect for you. This trend is significant for you if your company has an analytical mind or if you're looking for a discreet and elegant way to show what's inside your packaging by drawing the products you're using.

2. Modern Custom Fonts

The bold font pattern that we see around the board of graphic design inevitably applies to packaging as well. Unique fonts will add a lot of character to your packaging. Typography is the best way to express who you are as a brand, and it can be just the thing to set you apart from the crowd. If it holds a vintage vibe, a provocative message, or a creative flair, a special font is sure to keep to people's minds.

3. Eye-catching and bold designs

With bright lines and crazy color combos, the bold pattern style will make the packaging fly off the shelf. Well-positioned, eye-catching designs make the packaging pop and offer your brand a bold, youthful look that sets you apart from anyone else. Particularly erratic patterns are a persistent theme that can give the packaging a certain edge. But that doesn't mean that the brand has to be young and bright to be able to use this trend: geometric designs will work on any brand, as long as you have the right colors and shapes.

4. Twist packaging with twisted color

Black and white makeup packaging is a classic theme that we will never get bored of. What's different in the product styles we're seeing right now is that while white used to be the prevailing option for cosmetic packaging, it's black that seems to be dominating monochrome packaging right now. To introduce an unexpected touch, these projects use subtle shapes and tiny colorful pops to catch the eye. Packaging, which is mainly black, looks elegant and has an air of intrigue and coolness. What's more, if you want a classy monochrome template, you can be confident that you're packaging never goes out of style.

5. Floral and worm nature color

A stylish, retro style that we can't get enough of is a beauty box wrapped in rich, warm florals and raw, earthy colors. Although this pattern is feminine and often even erotic, it can also feel cozy and soothing. This mixture of luxurious, rich floral drawings with plain typography results in a classic style that provides an approachable yet luxurious look.

6. Minimalist but unique pastels

Pastels and modesty are perfect pairs that are made in the sky. Although pastels will soften a simplistic packaging design that looks otherwise rough, a minimalist and clean design will ensure that the pastel packaging looks sleek and mature. Play both principles to find the best balance with your brand. You can keep things easy and trendy by using a pastel shade that appeals to your consumers and company, or you can work with a mixture of pastels to produce a playful and dreamy look.

Now let’s create your own best cosmetic packaging design

1. Beautiful Style

The first thing you want to remember is the attitude and mood you want to add to the packaging. Are you looking for a minimalist vibe in your design? Or would you like to go over-the-top and stylized? Knowing what look you want to work towards will help drive the remainder of your design and ensure that you make packaging choices that are compatible with your overall design objectives.

Locking your theme will also help you find any new design features you need to remember. Are you going to experience pop art? Then you might like some diagrams done to direct the design process. Are you incorporating natural elements with your line of natural cosmetics? Then you would want to take some photos to use on your packaging. The point is because you know what theme you're going to use; you know what design elements you're going to need to get the style across in your packaging.

2. Eye-capturing colors

Dream of picking your brand's color scheme like you will have a must-have eye-shadow collection this season; you want to remain true to your brand while differentiating from the competition. So, for example, pink is a common color in the world of beauty and cosmetics. It's fun, it's feminine, and it just happens to be a color that's commonly used in all the beautiful makeup that we put on our faces. But if you're going for pink as the packaging color, it might be hard to get your customer's attention because every beauty store shelf is already a sea of pink.

Your brand can be as popular as you desired, you're going to have to do the same thing and choose a brand color scheme that not only leaps off the racks but is immediately associated with your brand.

3. Fonts

Like colors, you want to pick something that's exclusive, labeled, and easily identifiable to your consumers when they're searching the shelves. Have a brand on the outside that's a little bit? Go for a bold, Urban Decay-like show font. One more thing you want to worry about as you pick fonts? What they're going to look at the packaging. You want the fonts to be quick and straightforward to read—even if they're on a tiny compact box.

4. Hire a designer

Your other choice is to employ a designer to oversee your design process. There are two good options to do this: you can recruit a freelancer, or you can start a design contest. If you want to collaborate directly with a freelancer, you're going to want to look for someone with expertise in food packaging design.


There's a lot of potential in the makeup and cosmetics business. And with the right thing, the right box, and the right design, the chance is yours to create the best cosmetic packaging design!