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15 Out-of-the-Box Wedding Invitation Box Ideas for Your Big Day

Well, the wedding is a big and special day in everyone's life. Making it special is a big deal, so you will remember it for a long time. All these activities start with distributing wedding cards. With our wedding invitation box ideas, you can start all festivities will a little more creativity and innovation. Trying to put in new activities, they're creating a different cake pattern, and they're even wearing something different. Well, chatting is cheap, but in actual life, arranging a wedding ceremony that is a success story takes some imagination, and the wedding card packages will be the first move in that when you give an invitation. Boxes are becoming more and more common because of the out-of-box planning sprint. They are available in all customized shapes and sizes and can also be adorned with various assist ornaments to make them more presentable.

Wedding card boxes can be printed with a range of stylized designs and artistic choices. Embossed wedding invitation packages are very trendy now. Each box will then be decorated with initials or personalized logo. The latest fashion embellished patterns like rhinestone crystal belt, crystal brooches, or fine satin silk bows for anyone who likes crystals. Make sure the buckle isn't too large, it may look good, but you have to remember that every single package has to be posted to the visitor, and you don't want to spend a lot on the shipping cost of bulky invitations.

15 Wedding Invitation Box Ideas

1. Beach in the Box Wedding Box

The tide is rolling in, and you're getting ready for the sunset. You want to show off your big day by the beach, so have your guests ready to step deeper in with this message in a bottle (in a box) and an art supplies suite welcoming a spot like this one built by Create Aflutter.

2. Tree of Life Wedding Box

The Tree of Life is a marvelous symbol, and this invitation, crafted by Turmeric Ink, comes with lovely, traditional bells that give the box a very special feeling. Pastel inserts are a joy to look at, and three long hexagonal boxes conceal 3 different supari categories as presents. You may opt to fill them with something that adds your own style to the invitation.

3. An Elegant Pastel Wedding Invitation Box

If you incorporate best man gold foil detail or play with bold colors and trendy calligraphy, this invite by Expressing Ideas is an unconventional way to create a flower invitation that appeals to you as a couple. A lavish, grand invitation – this one includes arranged candles, trays, and invitations. Itchha Talreja Designs design this deluxe and elegant wedding invitation kit to exude class.

4. Palace Wedding theme Box

There's a quiet, understated decadence that spells real class with this invitation that's great for someone to get married in a palace. Shaped by Kankotri and made of velvet and wood with detailed laser work and mirror work, the box opens like a shelf that shows a range of sweets. It also includes a booklet of Rajasthan miniature portraits, which doubles as a written invitation.

5. Travel theme Wedding Invitation Box

Will you enjoy adventure and travel? Kitkat Pecson has created these exclusive travel themed wedding invites for an adventurous couple. What makes these invites so unique is that they feature various locations that the pair has been together and important events of their relationship in those places. You don't have to fly worldwide, but everywhere you have had special occasions; your invites can be exchanged. If you're into this more pictorial style, you're also going to love these 15 invitation ideas with exclusive font treatments.

6. Viewmaster wedding invitation

Have you ever played with a viewmaster as a toddler? Ok, I did, and I love the thought of making a collection of enjoyable photos combined for all your guests to enjoy. These invites may sound like a little bit, but they bring a special touch.

7. Cootie Catcher Wedding Box

As a kid, we all have played with cootie catchers, and I think this is a lovely and romantic way to send visitors all the specifics of your special day. It's particularly ideal if you've met at a young age or at school.

8. Interactive 8-bit Wedding Invitation

This invitation is great for all of us with a little nerdy edge. It's a super fun, nerd, immersive invitation that appeals to the style of the pair.

9. Chocolate Wrapper Wedding Invitation

Who doesn't love a sweet thing? This sweet couple wanted to give all their guests a tasty chocolate bar with a personalized wrapper that featured their wedding's specifics inside. These invites have a pop art collage theme that looks at them, and they feature several funky symbols.

10. Laser Cut Wooden Invitation

Are you a healthy and environmentally conscious couple trying to leave less of a carbon footprint? Or you enjoy the look of rustic wood. These laser-cut wood invites are phenomenal and environmentally.

11. Festive wedding invitation suite

The festive wedding invitation suite includes hand-drawn elements, a chalkboard style, and vivid colors. Honestly, I can't find the exact aspect that made me madly fall in love with this suite; maybe it's a mix of colors, maybe it's a crafty theme, or the way these invitations are out of this universe.

12. Handkerchief wedding invitation

Give the visitors an invitation not only to remember but also to cherish and use it forever. Such invitations can be printed on handkerchiefs, fun and usable invitation choice!

13. Paper folded wedding invitation

This is a series of wedding invites, rather than a single invitation, created by Olga Cuzuoic, a great artist and designer. Olga specializes in fashionable and creative paper folding styles.

14. Dangling box wedding invitation

Such hanging wedding invites are a lot of fun and usually pretty easy for DIY. Only print the bits yourself and grab a package and a paper cutter that matches the size of the box.

15. Adventure Wedding Box

Such invitations are designed to look like a booklet given out to you at a national park kiosk or trail. They're super cool, and they also have a badge that's really trendy now a few days.

Wildcard (Origami Wedding Invitation Box)

Are you a fan of exciting patterns and shapes? If you like Origami, those invites might be something to remember for your special day. It's fun to keep your friends and family in love with your big day. This invitation lets you count the days before the wedding date, which means that the invitation disk will be updated to the present day, and it will tell you how many days remain before the big day!


There is no doubt that your wedding day will become more special thanks to imaginative and imaginative wedding invitation box ideas. It can be challenging to make an invitation that looks cool and offers visitors the details they need. So, today, we have provided you a list of some of the most interesting invites we've seen for your inspiration.