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5 Advantages of Jewelry Packaging and How You Can Make Full Use of It

The use of jewelry is common in different cultures, and people worldwide purchase jewelry. Some people think that giving gifts is old fashion and now people prefer going to lunch or a movie rather than giving gifts. But the trend is still popular because gifts have their own worth, which dinner or a movie cannot accommodate. Jewelry is an expensive gift and needs to be kept in quality packaging that can protect it.

Good packaging not only protects the jewelry but enhances its beauty. With the advancing world, jewelry-making techniques have become advanced, and a wide variety of jewelry is readily available in the markets. The packaging trends for jewelry products have also changed with time. Let’s find out the advantages of jewelry packaging so you can get an idea to design an advantageous design for your jewelry products.

Advantages of Good Packaging

1) Gives an Appealing Look:

The looks of the packaging are essential to make an impression on the customers. An impression is important in increasing the sales of the company. The marketing specialist suggests that if you didn’t impact the customer’s mind, you did nothing. But, here comes the question that how can we make an impact on the customer’s mind? The answer is straightforward, choosing good packaging for your jewelry products. People judge a product’s quality through packaging quality.

A good packaging partner always helps their client choose a quality packaging material for the jewelry products because he firmly believes that an increase in sales of jewelry products will increase the packaging needs, which will help both the client and the packaging partner.

2) Brings Customers to Your Products:

Good packaging gives you the advantage of bringing more customers to your product. Bringing customers to the product helps to set the market trends of the product. The product's quality is just not enough for the business success; you need something extra that can differentiate your product in the competitive market.

It is not easy for every company to succeed because of the emerging challenges of the competitive market. About 50% of the new businesses shut down in their beginning five years. The prime reason found is the lack of expertise to compete in the market. People invest capital in starting a business, they focus on making their product superior, but they do not understand the importance of other factors like good packaging.

The niche of jewelry is very diverse because, with the boom of E-Commerce, people can reach a number of suppliers worldwide to get their desired products. Local producers need to adopt the latest packaging trends to make their product superior and to gain the customer's attention.

3) Gives a Pleasant Unboxing Experience to Customers:

Good packaging gives a pleasant unboxing experience to the customers that makes a good image of your product in the customer's mind. It helps to remember your products that is the first step to brand loyalty. Loyal customers are the biggest asset to any company because they help boost sales and maximize profits.

If a customer is satisfied with the product's packaging, he will prefer to purchase your product in the future and recommend your product to others. Imagine if you are a customer, you ordered a jewelry product and received a damaged product because of bad packaging. What will you think about the company? Will you reorder the product from the same company? Will you recommend the company to others? Of course not, and that the reason to choose quality packaging.

4) Leads to Generate Sales:

Customer satisfaction leads to generate more sales. All the businesses want to increase sales to maximize revenue and to establish their name in the market. Jewelry products are often expensive, so a customer thinks before making his purchase decision.

He wants a quality product with the best packaging. Jewelry products are packed in special customized packaging made of quality material with appealing looks. Often, you will have seen fancy ring covers made of glass with diamond cuts or customized shapes like heart shapes that are used for proposal rings. Jewelry-making companies do not miss any chance to impress their customers. For this purpose, they hire people who are specialized in this niche and have vast experience in designing the customized packaging of jewelry products.

Many packaging companies in the market offer customized jewelry boxes of your desired shape, size, prints. As packaging producers, they give you a variety of options, from luxurious packaging to economic ones. If you want to establish a successful jewelry brand, you need to choose a packaging that suits your brand, products, and customers.

5) Creates Your Brand Credibility in the Market:

Quality packaging helps to establish the brand's credibility in the market. Credibility is judged through several factors like:

  • Customer's satisfaction
  • Number of sales
  • Number of loyal customers
  • And overall company's revenue

Without fulfilling the customers' needs and demands, a company cannot establish its credibility in the market. Besides this, the satisfied customer plays a vital role in the marketing process. A research was conducted to check the customers' satisfaction, and about 40 percent of people said that they are willing to buy the same product because of the quality packaging. About 30% of people shared the packaging picture on their social media accounts which are good numbers. These 30 percent people are promoting your product while the 40 percent of people you are willing to buy again comes under the category of loyal customers.

All these components together help to establish the credibility of the brand in the market. Jewelry packaging is a little different from other niches, and gaining customers' trust through quality packaging leads these brands to the peak of success.

How to Design an Advantageous Jewelry Packaging?

1) Ensure Quality:

If you want to ensure your business's success, you should develop the product and the packaging for your product. Choose a quality packaging material that can protect your product and can enhance its beauty. Choose a rigid material for the jewelry box. It helps to maintain the box shape, which avoids damage or scratches to the product.

There are several packaging materials available in the market. Some brands use glass or metal packaging for jewelry products. But some other materials can be used for the packaging of jewelry products.

Those materials are:

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Cardboards

These materials ensure the quality of the packaging without disturbing the packaging budget. These materials are the best substitute for glass and metal. These materials are recyclable or biodegradable, which does not affect the environment.

2) Unique Shape:

Shapes of the jewelry box play a vital role in enhancing the beauty of the jewelry products. Unique shapes attract customers that help to boost sales. Several jewelry brands in the market offer unique packaging shapes for their jewelry products, which has become their identity. Renowned brands have set up their in-house designing centers for research and development of jewelry packaging designs.

While the emerging brands do not have enough resources to set up the designing centers, they can hire a third-party for this job. Many freelance designers are also available in the market who are ready to sell their services to honorable clients. As the owner of a jewelry brand, you need to hire someone who can help you in the designing process.

3) Light Weight:

The packaging of the jewelry products should meet the contemporary needs of packaging. These days no one likes the heavy packaging for jewelry products. Customers demand sleek and elegant jewelry packaging. Bulky packaging designs give a primitive look to products, which irritates the customers and reduces sales.

Choose a lightweight packaging material and use modern designing tools to make a compact design for your jewelry product. Cardboard packaging is the best option in this regard. It has lightweight, and it is very easy to mold, which helps to make desired shapes easily.

4) Customized Printing:

Printing is essential for packaging, but jewelry packaging is different from other packagings. For some products, there are specific guidelines for packaging by federal institutions. While designing the jewelry packaging, there are no such limits.

Usually, the jewelry packaging is kept simple because people don't like frills in the jewelry packaging. Some brands just print their identity on the packaging for promotion purposes. But this identity is just the brand logo or name only. People link sleek and elegant designs for the packaging.

In the cardboard packaging, some brand stamps their identity, while some brands order customized printing for the jewelry packaging. As a jewelry brand owner, it is your decision about the selection of printing technique. So, choose an elegant printing design that can help your brand to generate more revenue.