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5 Finishing Styles for Custom CBD Boxes

The packaging of any product is what determines the rate of the sale success of that particular object or the product. In the retail market, packaging holds significant importance. With the rise of the CBD industry, people are more inclined to the usage of this miraculous God-sent product. However, given the advantages of CBD usage, the custom CBD boxes make its sales reach the sky. The custom boxes help the brands to market their product in an effective manner. Through the right customization of packaging, the brands are able to communicate their product among their target clientele.

What Is Product Packaging?

The packaging is basically the exterior look of the product. The importance of packaging has many folds. First, the packaging keeps the product safe during transportation or shipping. Second, it communicates to the consumers. It should be attractive and catchy enough that the clients get complete information about the products through the product's boxes only. The packaging might seem and sound simple, but it really is a complex process. The right choice of material, printing design, font choice, and graphics matter a lot in the packaging process. Like mentioned before, the packaging tells a tale about the product. For instance, one can tell through the packaging only what the product is about, who should use it, and if it is worthy enough to be bought or not.

The CBD Industry

We are all aware that the CBD industry has reached the sky. People are consuming CBD in many forms. It is now infused in every product that you can see in the market. In a vast competition like this, what is that thing that will distinguish your product from the rest of them? The only possible way to make your way in the market is that you distinguish your product's packaging. We all know that the appearance of any product makes all the impact on the consumer's mind. If it is not appealing enough and not facilitating the clients, then there is no point in that packaging at all.

The custom boxes require a lot of effort. For example, you have to choose the material sensibly; after this, you need to have some sample ideas in your mind to tell the packaging company. If you have invested a huge amount in marketing and promoting your product, but you have not decided on a set budget to invest in the packaging, then you are making a mistake. Spending a chunk of your whole investment on the packaging can make a huge difference in your product's sales.

The CBD products, like vape cartridges, oils, lotions, etc., are sensitive products, and they need to be dealt with care. The custom CBD boxes provide the required protection to these products and make them safe for the transportation and shipping process. Choose the material which is eco-friendly, sturdy, and durable. The product should be cushioned with layers of protection so that there not a single chance of damage to the product.

After you are done with the basics of packaging, then the crucial step of the finishing technique comes. There are plenty of options for the printing finishes that you can choose from. In this guide, however, we have chosen the best ones for you that you can consider from. They will not only prove to be effective for your products' sale but also do not demand a major set-back to your cash.

UV Gloss Coating

This kind of coating is one of the most popular ones among packaging companies. This provides the coating with a high luster. The additional benefit of this type of coating is that it is highly protectant. It keeps the product inside safe and protected from any kind of harm or damage.

In order to make the custom CBD boxes, it is recommended that for the finishing touches, you should use UV coatings. These are liquid-based ones and are instantly dried with UV lamps. The inks used on these coating must be well-matched with the UV and should be wax-free. UV coatings offer an extremely lustrous finish, and they are scratch-free; and also, no fingerprints are visible on these coatings. Many brands prefer this coating for their product's packaging as it is proved quite effective in increasing up sales. This coating might seem costly to you, but it is totally worth it to consider.

UV Coatings that Are Raised

The raised UV coating is the kind of technique that bodies up the UV coating in a manner that you can see and feel from every side. This coating offers a dramatic effect to the packaging and looks quite appealing. It emphasizes the graphics of the box, which makes it look attractive and allows the customers to engage and touch the UV pattern of the box.

The Metallic Coating

The metallic coating is a luxurious and classy coating. The metallic coating curtails the silver and gold shine, luster, and gloss. The metallic sheens look adorable even without looking so shiny and cold. These coatings are used above the neutral base color and give the silver and gold touch on the above. There are countless industries that prefer to use these coating to sell their products and increase their consumers. The metallic coating is quite catchy, and the consumers do get attracted to the boxes with shine and glamour. However, if you do not have enough budget for foil stamping, you can always go with metallic sheens. These are budget-friendly and provide the same appearance and feel.

The Soft Touch Coating

You must have seen the boxes with the soft texture, which feels good to the fingers. There are many products that are packed in velvety boxes. The soft-touch coatings can be used for products that are sensitive in nature. This coating will complement and resonate with the product with efficacy. For example, you can have made custom CBD boxes for its oil products. The oil comes in classy glass bottles, so it needs to be treated in that way. The oil boxes can be velvety in nature, and it will understand the philosophy of your product by giving its due importance.

The Glitter Coating

If you think that your product requires a bold look, then you should go for the glitter coating. For example, there are many makeup products that come in glittery packaging. It is because that this coating resonates with the product inside, that is, any makeup product. In this coating, the glitter particles are supplemented in the UV gloss coating. The glitters particles come in a huge variety of colors. You should understand the psychology of colors and pick the color sensibly, which also complements your product. The choice of color also makes a huge impact when it comes to the sale of the product. You should know your targeted customers and choose the color according to their taste and likings. Otherwise, it can turn out to be a major turn-off for your products' sales.


The process of embossing dates back to ancient times. It is still loved and used by many. This process is luxurious and looks quite elegant. When you want to sell your product, then choosing the tangible kind of coating proves quite beneficial. You can easily use this technique for custom CBD boxes. For example, you can use it for CBD vape cartridge boxes, CBD creams, and lotion boxes, and CBD bath bombs, etc. The embossing looks quite fascinating, and through using this technique, the sales will definitely get boost up.

The Grit Coating

This coating also comes in the category of concrete coating. This is non-slip-able and quite handy. This coating is generally known for its rough texture, but it works quite well in an application for multiple uses of the packaging.

The Sandpaper Coating

This kind of coating gives a quite subtle look to the boxes. This coating just has a slightly rough texture in comparison to the grit packaging. This is one of the tangible coatings and looks like unglazed clay work and gives the packaging a little edgy look. In the sandpaper coating and grit coating, you can always control the amount of texture with the help of billion cubic micron rollers. The coating roller's BCM rating determines how much coating it can carry and apply to the sheet; conversely, the higher the BCM, the more coating it can carry and apply to the sheet.

On a number of substrates, both grit and sandpaper may be used to create a relaxing tactile experience.

The Bottom Line

We understand that you have invested a lot in your products. But if they do not get the right packaging, they can be doomed. In the wholesale and retail business, every big and minute detail has to be considered in order to make the way in the huge market. In the case of CBD products, the right custom CBD boxes can make them reach the pinnacles of success. You just need to consult a good packaging company that will cooperate with you and shares the latest ideas of packaging designs. Moreover, the company should be interactive and open enough to listen to your requirement and fulfil them efficiently.